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[XCE 0.34.1] Crash when choosing save / load dialog.


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Game crashes to desktop when attempting to access save or load menu.

How to reproduce:

Either a) Start game. Click Load Game.

Or b) Start game. Click New Game. Configure game and get to the Geoscape. Press Escape. Click Save Game.

Detailed description of problem:

Game immediately crashes with a Windows error sound, producing the following dialog:

xenonauts crash.png

Most recent save game from before this issue developed is attached: [ATTACH]6937[/ATTACH]

dxdiag output not included because the forum won't accept a 71 kb text file attachment.

Mods used:

Only the default ones which come with Community Edition; I haven't messed with mods at all.

Attempted Fixes:

Deleting and reinstalling the game has no effect on this issue.

Switching to the Steam Experimental branch fixes the issue, but then none of the save games from the Community Edition appear.


This issue developed last night, spontaneously so far as I can tell. I was getting back into the game over the last few days. Obviously, this kind of thing makes the game completely unusable, and leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I'm happy to send configuration details of my machine on request.

I have never completed a game of Xenonauts. I've beat the original X-COM plenty of times, and XCOM, and its expansion. I like the style, the tone, and the genre. However, Xenonauts always develops crash bugs which prevent me from proceeding in my campaign. This is the third time I've started a campaign, the second after the 1.0 release, and for the third time in a row I'm forced to give up because the game has become unplayable due to crash bugs.

xenonauts crash.png




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