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[9.2 - Air combat] Fighter 100 invisible

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When intercepting the UFO called Fighter 100, the name and a red dot appear on the screen, but not the fighter icon. It does not move or fight back, but the F-17 closes in and shoots it down successfully.

This has happened twice, as I had a CTD shortly after, but I did engage fighter 101. I notice this is the point where they start firing missiles at you, as fighter 101 blew my condor out of the sky, unexpectedly. I learned a lesson in fighter 101 :D

There were a different series of engagement leading upto the two invisible fighter 100 engagements. Firstly a series of fighters, the second time a couple of scouts and one fighter.

Have also now found it with further fighters. 115, 117, 120. However, they are interspersed with other, visible fighters, some of whom use missiles.

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