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Can someone help me out with soldier equipment modifications?


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Hi, all, i'm new to the Forum, and pretty average at Coding/Modding, but i want to make the equip slots on the backpack, primary weapon, secondary weapon and belt, transparent.

Is there a way to do that? I tried changing numbers in "sequipvew.lua" but only made the containers disappear (there was actually 3-5 pixels of that container... but it was not equipable with nothing, it was useless.)

I noticed there are 4 common values for some graphics: x, y, h and w... i'm guessing these are the color, height and width values, maybe the fouth one is transparency? only problem is i don't know wich is wich, and how to alter them.

Here's an example:



name = "slot1_1",

x = 5 + 0 * Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ),

y = 23 * screenScaleY + 5 + 0 * Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ),

w = Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ),

h = Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ),

image = "uitextures/sequip/centerend",

bordersize = 3,


What do the RED, and GREEN elements do/mean?

By the way, can all this be achieved with the official build of the game? (not CE modded)

Any help would be very appreciated.

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