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Soldier sorting not working

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For me it worked ( Exp Ver 1.09 ) as long as I did not change the names. After I changed the names of my soldiers to EU01-EU15 it no longer worked. First became EU03 followed by EU07 then EU01.... complete chaos. So I no longer change the names of my soldiers.

Edit: With Exp. Ver. 1.5 it workes. Just renamed my soldiers to Eu01-Eu10 and it worked... I even tried to rename a soldier with a "K" as first letter to Eu01 and a soldier with a "B" as first letter to Eu02 and somebody with "D" to Eu03, another with "A" to Eu04.. and they were sorted as Eu01,Eu02,Eu03,Eu04... It is no longer chaotic. :)

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