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Okay I *think* it's 1.09 - whatever the current auto-updated steam version is right now basically, I got a little confused during the whole reversion/update process.

First bug -

* I have the alien base upgrade and obviously upon getting this the cosmetic appearance of the workshop/lab/barracks/storeroom changed accordingly to represent the quantum/nanotech stuff. At some point (possibly between updates) upon loading my game back up all background art for the facilities has reverted to the "tier" below (cosmetic change - slightly technologically upgraded, minor things - but not quantum/nanotech level as it should be). My base management screen still displays the correct top-down graphic for these facilities but all of the background art splashes for research/manufacture/troops/stores are now all incorrect - seemingly permanently - a purely cosmetic issue but an annoying one nonetheless, I wanna enjoy the look and feel of my advanced facilities and all that :P

Edit - Screenshots added in here for clarification (hidden to prevent huge post):


Here you can see the base upgrade xenopedia entry - immediately after getting this my labs looked as pictured in the xenopedia entry (as they're meant to - btw the graphical anomolies in the above screenshot are not-in game, seems to happen sometimes when taking screenshots). Upon returning to my save file a week-ish later my labs now look like this:


(also - minor thing but the missing base layout previews at the top in THIS screenshot does happen in-game - this happens whenever the game is alt-tabbed out of and returned to)


...and as you can see in this screenshot - the base management graphic displays the correct upgrade level whereas the research screen no longer does.


* I would have skipped the "tier" below because I acquired base upgrade before the things required for the minor costmetic-only upgrade that happens between the two.

* I'm 95% sure I acquired the research for the minor cosmetic upgrade after getting base upgrade, which may have something to do with it. Although I'm pretty sure the "cosmetic downgrade" didn't occur until after re-loading my save file (after a week or so wait).

Second bug -

Upon completing missions there is missing text like so:


I've always put this down to me playing on a low resolution (1024x768 -can't go any higher sadly) - but it has been this way since the earliest release version that I have played so I thought I may as well point it out in case it had been missed? Sorry if it's a repeat.

A Steam Thing -

No idea if this is just my PC or whatever but when I attempt to launch xenonauts from steam the launcher sometimes refuses to appear despite task manager telling me that xenonauts.exe is in fact running - the way I currently get around this is by killing the process and re-trying until it decides to appear. I don't *think* it's a waiting issue because I've given it a good minute or so before for it to pop up.

Sorry if any of these are known issues, I'm not a forum regular or anything, just thought I'd mention these instead of being lazy and waiting for somebody else with the same issue to do it :P

Edit: Oh and - Using WinXP (yeah...) and obviously the Steam version of Xenonauts (stable branch).

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There have been issues with accidentally downgrading your tech in other areas so that could be the problem you describe.

For example automatically upgrading your turrets to the tier 4 version then researching the tier 3 version downgraded them.

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Ah right - Seems like it could be that, I'd still consider that a bug myself because of the way the tech tree branches off (it's I mean its' not just linear and sometimes you need to research "lower" stuff to get other things) and in this case how you may be required to respond to an alien base (and unlock the base upgrade research) long before you get around to researching the things that trigger the first cosmetic change.

Luckily in this case it does appear to be just cosmetic and not an actual downgrade for the facilities.

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Yeah I would class it as a bug, it is unintended behaviour.

Unless by that time all of this new technology is just not cool any more and they have decided that retro is the way forward?

Leads nicely to X-Com Apocalypse where the tech is 50s themed after all...

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