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Ideas for new UFO types


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So now that we go the modular UFOs has anyone thought adding more UFO types?

In original X-Com and also the Firaxis remake the different UFOs are tiered a bit differently. There's the very specific Abductor, Supply Ship and Terror Ship for example. So I was wondering about putting in those into Xenonauts too.

I was also thinking about something that would be the Alien equivalent of something like Mi-24, an armed air transport. It would be fast, hit and contain a small group of comparatively Elite aliens. Maybe two or three tiers of this kind of ship.

One another thing would be a lategame factory ship which is hard to destory and constructs large bases and fast.

The most outlandish thought I had was that a special kind of heavy drone which operates as a slow but hard hitting fighter in the geoscape. The would only be seen escorting base attacks, ground attacks and terror missions. Unless destroyed on the geoscape they will appear as dangerous ground units in base & terror missions. Nasty!

Maybe differentiate existing types a bit. Like make Landing Ship with troops different from supply landing ship or abduction landing ship.

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