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[V1.02 Air combat] Auto-resolve calculation a bit screwy

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Hey there

I had a squadron of a mig and two condors chase down a bomber with escorts. They must have just reached them before the low fuel - returning to base pop up came up.

My Pre-fight summary said the two condors had 0 seconds combat fuel, so I almost hit the disengage button. Then I noticed the auto-resolve said 100%.

I hit the button, and, waddaya know? Perfect result. No damage to any fighters, about the right amount of ammo consumed.

If I had manual controlled the mission, the two condors would have had to retreat immediately, leaving my foxtrot to get two alenium torpedoes off, not even destroying the bomber. And only maybe escaping the fighters.

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I've brought this up before. In theory, the game checks for remaining fuel and applies a modifier. But it's currently set as a % total of maximum fuel (i.e. 20% or less) rather than flight fuel, which means it basically never comes up (if your plane has that little fuel, it's probably being forced to return to base)

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