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[V1.01 Ground Combat] Invincible alien

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I know this has been mentioned in some of the other release threads, but I thought I would put one in the bugs forum as well, so other people experiencing the bug can find it easily.

I had a Caesan who I could not auto-target, and did not get injured by an alenium grenade at his feet.


I did manage to get a crosshair to show up on him at one point, but my mouse pointer was not over his square.

I tried hitting him with a stun baton (by clicking the UI pic and hitting the square) to no effect.

One of my guys reaction fired at him, and I got the "miss" pop up.

Finally I tried throwing a stun grenade, and it worked! I lost two guys to him, but got him in the end.

I don't know if it would have made any difference, but the stun grenade was thrown the turn after the reaction fire.



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