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Found 10 results

  1. This may be a popular or unpopular opinion, I'd like to hear you guys opinion. So psi has been quite an important part of the Xenonauts, X-COM and XCOM games and have added mystery and unpredictability and overall improved the story. My problem is it featuring in combat. Start mission with well equipped squad. Let's do this! MG in the back spontaneously gun down the two in front of him. Move across the map making no tactical errors. Enemies are taken by surprise and barely have time to fire back. Two experienced soldiers run around cowering in corners. Make good use of my best shield guy in open area. Confidently holding his ground defending comrade behind him. Drop shield, stand up and both get shot. Finally at the UFO, all stacked up and almost ready, just have to reload. Rifleman fires at a wall pinning two of his mates. Allright that's solved and everyone is doing good. Shotgun wielding god who basically carried the mission so far get scared by a lizard or cloud or something and drops his weapon, runs into the ufo and is evenly distributed over the walls by reaction fire. I save the game and consider savescumming. End up just playing some other game instead. This is why I've stopped playing Xenonauts and most Xcoms. Psi for me just makes the combat arbitrary and unfair. When I get my own magic spells it doesn't get much more fun because both sides just kill themselves. It is in my opinion a game mechanic that punish you without a previous error or foolish move on your part. In chess it's not allowed to flick elastic bands at the oposite player's pieces, just like I don't like bs magic spells interfering in a TACTICAL combat SIMULATOR. Let me know what you think. Do I have a point or should I just git gud?
  2. Now I'm not talking about mind control, but how about suppressing aliens with psi powers in later gameplay? You would need to catch a ceasan alien leader, interrogate it and then build a psi lab where you can train your soilders, just like in the OG. They then gain the ability to use their psionic power to suppress an alien, just like weapon fire would, but without doing damage. Androns are immune and high rank aliens and Ceasans are harder to suppress.
  3. Are there any? I was invading an Andron base when one of my troops switched sides. Is there a way to UN-mind control him? or is he gone for good? His bravery is crazy high as he is one of my vets, so I am also wondering if there are any defenses to Psionics.
  4. I don't usually get beyond t2, so I've never experienced psychic powers myself. Has anyone experienced them? And if you did, were they nasty?
  5. I was browsing the xeno wiki earlier, and noticed under "Psionics" it said that humans cannot get access, even limited, to psionics. ,.... WHY? I personally found psionics to be one of the best parts of the game. Commanding you troops, enduring mental assault after assault, and then one day unlocking those powers for your self. I remember the first time I turned the power of the mind onto my extraterrestrial foe. I wore a grim smile, watching those little grey B******s run around in panic. I honestly believe we should, at great difficulty, and cost, to be able to research psionic warfare. I would add the addendum that we only have access to a limited number of the psionic powers, at least not mind control(unless perhaps if you can interrogate a praetor). Your thoughts folks?
  6. dont really know if this thread fits on here. but anyways id like to ask the question if theres psi attacks ingame at the current build becuase right of the dropship my heavy saw a cesan alein and you know shoot at and i accdentily ended my turn and then he paniced out of the blue full HP full morale no one was shoot at or hit. and it was just a normal scout crash site
  7. Is it line of sight? If it isn't it would be rather unfair. This was an issue from the original. If I remember rightly (esp. in an alien base when you were in the upper levels) it was as if they picked on your men at random (maybe he weakest psi strength troop?). Psionic attacks can be devastating enough when the aliens chain them together to decimate your squad!
  8. So well, any news about psionics in the game? are they still going to be present just for the aliens? It would really help to have our troops being able to attain psi ability, it helped a lot in UFO EU. It was kind of an exploit but later it was corrected in xcom apocalypse and it was a nice feature but not the incredible "marvel comics" superpower that soldiers had in UFO EU (bypassing line of sight like professor xavier with **cerebro). Is this kind of coding a heavy duty task? would they have to change anything of the actual game coding? **Just FYI cerebro means brain in spanish ; )
  9. Hello everyone: I've recently started getting into the Alpha for Xenonauts and I'm enjoying what I see so far. However I have a few questions and suggestions: 1.) Will humans be able to gain and train Psi abilities like in the original X-com? If they can not get them in the released game can it be modded in? 2.) Will tanks and fighters gain experience? The one thing I never understood in the original X-com is why your fighter pilots could never gain XP and get better abilities. It would make sense since the more missions the pilot survives the better he/she would get. The main reason I was asking about the tanks is because unlike the HWP's in X-com that were remotely piloted (thought the same argument for the fighter pilots could be made for them), however the Tanks in Xenonaughts has a crew member in side controlling them. Can they get experience as well? I realize they would advance alot more then the ground troops because of the armor and firepower of the tank but maybe they could have a reduced rate to compensate? 3.) Is there a way to tell your fighters to fight at long, medium, or short range? For example have the Mig sit at long range and shoot missiles and have the F-16 get in and dogfight with their cannons? 4.) Is there a way on the ground combat gui to tell what lvl the camera is on? I couldn't find anything on the main gui. I may have additional questions later, however thank you again for making this great game.
  10. Zorac56


    I hate to be a noob on my first post but I just had to ask this. I have been looking around the forums and website and have found nothing on this, I was wondering if because human psi powers where removed (I think that is a good thing) will there be some type of anti psi item to prevent the aliens from controlling your units in any way? Thanks much, Zorac56 btw going to bed now so don't be miffed if I don't respond soon