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Found 6 results

  1. MortuusSum

    Xenonauts fonts

    Hey folks. The staff of GM-ship (GM-ery?) in my D&D group has rolled around to me once again, and the folks I play with have asked me to run a game in a modern setting (I'm likely going to be using Green Ronin's True 20 system), and I thought a game inspired by/blatantly ripping off/making homage to Xenonauts would be neat, since about half of my group have played the game, at my insistence, and the rest have at least played XCOM EU. In digging through Xenonauts' install directory, I found some fonts that I'd like to use, but they're both .mvec files. If it's OK with Goldhawk, is there any way to access them as a .ttf or other usable font file? Thanks very much for any help you can give. EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's clear from the rest of my post, but just to make sure, this isn't for any kind of commercial endeavour; should I gain access to the Xenonauts typefaces somehow, the number of people who see anything I produce with them will be in the region of six.
  2. Please consider that many people complained for years complained about the small font sizes in Xenonauts and many indicated that this is reason not to buy the game. Consider that your program attracts older gamers who played already Xcom. And for them the small fonts of Xenonauts are a pain. And, yes, we play on laptops, because we sit in planes, on airport gates and hotel rooms on business trips. It is a shame that this "feature request" for scalable, better readable, larger fonts was disregarded for years in the development of Xenonauts. Other wishes along that line: - Audio (reading those texts) - Playing a well-readable Xenonauts-2 on a large iPadPro would be wonderful for me ! Otherwise, thanks for the nice game. I see Xenonauts as a test case and learning project towards a great Xenonauts-2 which should try to omit all the mistakes of the first one. Off topic, some other nice things would be: - Being able to shoot or at least throw a grenade when standing besides an open door. - Being able to rotate the map.
  3. Wintermist

    The font

    I really don't like it. Will it be possible for me to change it for myself or are most of it images? EDIT: Talking about the font used in the game. EDIT 2: Something more like this, now this is just something crude I put together in a haste, but it's more... well, I don't know, less artificial perhaps...
  4. jumpjet69

    Xenopedia Font

    Hey fellow Xenonauts, I just wanted to say that the Font text is I believe a size too small for the Xenopedia entries. Perhaps it's the black background that contrasts this? Either way seems too small. Thanks!
  5. Fire Water Gasoline

    Xenonuats Title Font

    Can anyone please tell me what font is used for the title text? You know, where it says XENONAUTS with those beautiful angular letters. I'm asking this as I would like to use the font for Let's Play thumbs on my channel for the Xenonauts Alpha LP. My gratitude for everyone's time.
  6. Hello, Here's a practical issue: the font is to small for my old eyes. Will there be a way to modify the font size? Like a slider or different settings to choose from (normal - big - huge)? It may require you to modify the frames of the interface so that the bigger fonts fit better as well. It may sounds like unecessary and unwanted work but the point of a game is to have people enjoy themselves. Since this game uses a screen as its main medium, I think that eye comfort is important and that you should consider it. About foreign love now. Your game is going to be awesome and undoubtedly worth of a huge worldwide success. However, some stubborn countries are still resisting the invasion of the english language (some stupid countries like mine even spend money for that matter). If you have not done so yet, you should consider creating a language file: a simple text file with text IDs and their associated text datas. Then your devoted fanboys would just have to open it with notepad and translate the text datas to whichever language they speak so that your game gets free translations all over the world. As a side note, we translators would be grateful if you could think about our longer-than-needed languages when creating text frames. "Done" gives "Terminé" in french. I know, that's an aweful lots of letters, you don't need to remind me. There's always an ugly way to have translated text fit in a box, but your game deserves more than ugly translation. When a text block is bigger than 2 sentences it should not be a problem, but for 1 sentence block and shorter, it would be nice if you could make text frames twice the minimum english size. As always, thank you for reading, Chris.