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    Xenonauts V1.55 Stable Released!

    Thanks Chris. This company should be called Golddevs.
  2. It already exists. It's called Frozen Synapse. Thanks for your continuing support of Xenonauts. Best money ever spent on a game. I lost my first playthrough on 1.00 and I had a blast. I'm looking forward to the next stable version to start another one !
  3. I am thrilled you decided to separate bug fixing from balance changes. Balancing a game is a tricky business and two persons rarely have the same opinion about how to do it. I was reluctant to try the CE patch but now I'm definitely giving it a try. Just a silly question though : what does the settings mod do exactly ? I can't seem to find this information anywhere.
  4. Well, unlike you, the cautious way won't feed me anytime soon. Just kidding. Thanks for your kind words, Chris. I'll work hard to make my second game worthy of your toilet seats.
  5. Thanks a lot ! I s*ck at anything artistic so I went for a pokemon/kirby look. I used AGK (from thegamecreators) to make it. The resolution is quite low for performance reasons : first, BsR draws a lot of sprites on screen and low end smartphones don't cope well with high fill rates. Second excuse, AGK is not the fastest engine around. The look of the game is definetly a problem. It doesn't reflect how punishing it actually is. Adults don't even try it because it looks childish. And children who think the game is made for them crack their brain open in the impenetrable wall of oldschool goodness. If you like a tough game, please, try to bear with the cartoonish graphics. You might like how BsR will kick your *ss. My next game will be a real strategy game. So if you like strategy and developers who don't consider their customers as milk cows, play Birney's Run : it's my homemade kickstarter.
  6. And here's the result ! First, some background so that you won't think I'm just a PR doing some advertisement for his lousy game. When Chris started Goldhawk, I saw a video where he said he didn't work in the video game industry. I had no training in the video game area as well but I love(d) video games so I thought "Oh hell, ! Why not give it a shot before I'm too old to understand that stuff ?" And I did. My game is "just" a small ad-supported android game. But I did it all by myself with a 130€ budget (I bought a game developping software, a drawing tablet and paid the google dev fee). Well, when I say all by myself, not exactly : I used some free for commercial use sound effects (my only recording device is my laptop mic, so consider it a favor I did to you). I wanted to make an Android game because I love strategy games, because I believe tablets are an awesome format for this kind of game and because I hate the way editors use this support as a facebook appendice to milk customers. And also because people expect less from 2D games on smartphones. First I tried to make a small game which would require me to learn everything I needed to make strategy games. And my best guess was to develop something like Pac-Man. Making a Pac-Man requires to make a walled level, with an advanced AI which can roam through it. So I made a perfect clone. Then I added my own ingredients: 16bits styled graphics, a random level generator, I made monsters AIs very distinct (my pride is Green : he has a field of view and runs as soon as he sees you), bonus items, fog of war (this was a training for strategy games as well) and more. As a fellow developer said :"Don't say your game is a Pac-Man clone. It's as much a Pac-Man clone as Super Meat Boy is a Sonic clone". I post here because I know most of you are men of great taste like me (you like xenonauts after all ) so I suppose some of you have android phones and play in the toilets (oh god I said too much). So I'd like your true, honest opinion about it and your suggestions to make it better. Oh, and I need someone very good at Pac-Man to tell me how far he went in the game. Right now no one ever got farther than level 12. TL;DR : Try my free android game : Birney's Run ! If you think my topic is off limit, please feel free to delete it or report it to moderators.
  7. Nemeo

    Xenonauts V1.04 Released!

    Something like "atom zombie smasher"? It's not the best example but it did the trick.
  8. Nemeo

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    That's awesome ! I can't wait for the last critical bugfixes ! When I understood Chris was trustworthy enough to make a good game I quit testing in order not to be spoiled and I'm really looking forward to play the full game. The last time I was so excited was when I reached second base for the first time. In Xcom, I mean.
  9. Nemeo

    V22 Experimental 6 Released!

    Shooting around corners is awesome. That's the main thing that bothered me after playing the latest Xcom. The autoscaling font is a great idea as well. Thanks for listening to us foreigners. However I'm going to side with the "reveal all" haters this time. Not that I like the idea of spending 15 minutes looking for the last xeno but revealing the whole map sounds like a cheap solution and I think it would hurt the tension this kind of game creates. This last alien could be the most dangerous if he acted carefully after all. In UFO:E, the last alien would get map sight and he would attack the player. In my opinion it worked, because the player didn't know where this last alien was so this attack had something unexpected. The problem was that the player would often have to wait 5, 6 turns for him to come and therefore, if he knew that mechanic, the player would expect the attack. My solution would be to trigger the "last alien suicidal attack" when the last but one alien gets shot at or when he sees the player. In the best case, the last but one alien would hold the player long enough for the hiding alien to sucessfully flank the player. In the worst case, the last but one alien gets one shot and the suicide attack fails miserably but, on the bright side, the player wouldn't have to comb the whole map again for him. In Xcom12 you can hear the aliens. It could work for the last alien in xenonauts, I guess. A twist would be to have the alien move a little bit after revealing in which direction he is, so that the player would not be tempted to fire a rocket in his direction. But please, people, understand that this problem has to be addressed in some way. The last enemy hunt has plagued that genre for ages and even if it's not game breaking, it has considerably dragged this kind of games down in the eyes of many, many players. It causes a real pace issue. Xenonauts already has plenty to offer to nerds, so let Chris do what he has to do so that all casual gamers won't meh the game after two tries. The reveal map option might not be the best solution in your eyes, nevertheless it will save many players from boredom so take one for the team.
  10. Nemeo

    V19 Stable Available!

    What's with the location of Paris on the world map, guys? Trying to trigger another hundred years war?
  11. If losing a dogfight equals losing the game, it means too much emphasis was put on the air combat. To solve this you can lower air combat importance. For instance, you can make UFO land regularly so that the player can send a chinook to fight them on the ground. Landed UFOs would have to be more difficult than crash landed UFO, or else the player would just wait for UFOs to land and not buy any aicraft. Another solution would be to give more tools to the player to deal with air combat. Like ground to air missiles fired from the bases, for instance. This would have to be carefully balanced so that the player wouldn't be tempted to abandon air to air combat for ground to air missiles. The player would have to build a special building in a base to use them and their range would be limited. You could make those cruise missiles costly, or make them only useful against smaller UFOs (bigger UFOs would be able to intercept those missiles before they could do any damage). If air combat is a problem only at the beginning of the game you can do just as Buzzles suggested and make early aircrafts cheap to build. The power gap between starter planes and prototypes would have to be very important to make these researched aircrafts a lot more interesting and cost efficient than starter jets, or else the player would be tempted to use only starter interceptors. A last suggestion. When an aircraft is shot down, roll a dice to determine if the pilot managed to eject. If so, give the player a good refund on the destroyed aircraft since training a pilot cost a good chunk of money. You could also give the player a research credit for aircraft research, thanks to the data collected by the black box of the downed aircraft. You could even make a research to improve the ejecting rate of pilots. If a UFO destroyed a squadron, it could also land on your squadron crash site to capture ejected pilots. You would have to send xenonauts to rescue them. That would be just awesome, since it would give another opportunity to defeat this UFO without solely relying on air combat.
  12. Nemeo

    Build V18.4 Released!

    In my opinion a plugin folder indiscriminatly accepting packed or unpacked files would be the best option. If installing mods consists in replacing game files directly, modders will have to upload full archives just to modify a couple of sprites. This is how modding works for UFO:E and it's quite troublesome. I made some minor modifications and wanted to share them, but knowing that you'll have to upload a 300mo archive when your mod could have been shared in a 3Mo zip is a strong deterrent to do so. Well, I guess unpleasant modding is better than no modding at all.
  13. Nemeo

    Build V18.4 Released!

    Yes, Max had a good question. Are the file stored in readable atlases or are they packed and compressed somehow? If the latter, do you plan on releasing packing/unpacking tool? Will there be a plugin folder in which the game will look for files before loading the original files? And more importantly, what did you have for breakfast? I had some toats. I modded them with strawberry jam. I'm such a talented modder.
  14. Nemeo

    Build V18.4 Released!

    Nice bait. The hook is a bit obvious though. Bloody hell, I broke my F5 key.
  15. Nemeo

    Build V18.4 Released!