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Found 2 results

  1. legit1337

    Mixed Crews

    Any plans to implement mixed crews in later versions? Would be cool to see the aliens actually working side-by-side with each other, and it would require the player to adapt his strategies on the fly. Another cool feature that probably won't happen because the art assets would have to be made for it is to see humans start appearing among the enemies, once at least one nation has surrendered to the aliens. The aliens would probably use them as grunts or cannon fodder, but it would drive home the reality of the invasion quite nicely. Not only are you fighting the aliens, but you are also fighting the traitors, and fighting what your race would become if you lose.
  2. Vekkulious

    vehicle crew

    I don't give a damn if my hunter car explodes because it feels like it is a big cover with gun. I really like the idea of hiring a crew, crew stats would affect vehicle stats, if the vehicle would break or explode some of the crew might make it out and some of them would burn to death. If one vehicle takes up 4 spaces in a transport, it could have a 4 men crew or less. And if vehicles hp gets to zero it wouldn't always get destroyed but crew would take damage and have to get out and the vehicle could be fixed after battle. This is just an idea, I know nothing about coding so I'm not sure how hard it would be to make this work. Dont know if its too much but if youd need to hire pilots for aircraft that could make losing aircraft and a ace pilot really painfull.