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Found 2 results

  1. I was a huge fan of Xenonauts 1 and saw it as a shining light after having wasted countless hours trying in vain to love the terrible excuse for a game the new XCOM was. My only comment would be to remove the "Hidden Movement" feature and maybe add a little more control as far as screen rotation during the enemy turn. It adds nothing to the game and only serves the purpose to detach you from the scenario by essentially turning off the screen completely during the alien turn. One of the things that the newer XCOM games did right (and by that I mean one of the VERY FEW things) is the sense that during the alien turn you are constantly watching the screen in case something happens. Even though you already know the screen will zoom to any movement in actuality, you still can't help but watch. It adds a sense of depth and immersion while you're waiting for the aliens to move instead of just turning off the screen and saying "Ok, now wait for your turn." Thoughts?
  2. One feature I am really disappointed about is the fact that there is no "prone position" which, IRL, gives you a) a lot more protection from direct fire as you are a presenting a smaller target, b) makes you more difficult to spot, c) gives you much greater accuracy with rifles and machine guns and d) gives better conditions for giving covering fire. Not acknowledging this in the gameplay really spoils the tactics side of things; having your team crawling on their belt-buckles means they'll move much slower but will be able to move into fire positions without being seen and/or much less likely to get hit. It was one of the good things about XCom Apocalypse (which was an ugly looking game, but had great combat mechanics). I really hope the devs rethink their design here, as I think the "dumbing down" of the combat mechanics will really negatively affect the game.