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Found 4 results

  1. amerelium

    Soldier Names

    I''d really like the ability to change soldiers' names, not just callsigns...
  2. You know how it is. You're playing a tense tactical mission and one of the troops does something that will make him memorable in your eyes for the rest of the game. An amazing shot, cunningly using civilians as human shields or simply just a knack for always being the guy in the thick of it. Invariably the soldier gets some sort of nickname as a memento of their actions. While, you can change the call sign and technically can insert this, the field isn't long enough to put it between his name, particularly some of the Eastern European ones. Likewise, I generally assign equipment based on attributes. So, the guy with the highest strength gets the rocket launcher. Now, while the game remembers the equipment, I seem to lose mine whenever the soldier goes off to the infirmary. It would be nice to be able to insert something in there that specialises the soldier’s function, and keep the rank and full name. Again, this would either be an extension to the call sign field, or one just below it. A small request in the huge scheme of things, but one that I'd be really pleased with. I've read lots of war stories of players bonding with their little troops, so it may add something to the experience. The game already does things like soldier backgrounds and I see there are medals in the assets folder, but I'd like something that I could personalise for myself. A little text box to put in notes, or memorable moments would be nice too...
  3. when i am done on a mission (and kill som aliens ) then under soldier development they have their old names, not the one i have given them but they do get the xp and in all other views the names are right
  4. Hi there, sorry if this is the inappropriate sub-forum for this thread, but well, it seems like the right place, so I'll just go with it! Anyway, I'm just curious about what the naming restrictions are for the $125+ tiers are, that let you submit your name to be in the pre-generated list of names. I mean, obviously you wouldn't be allowed to have your name as somethlike like "Amanda Huginkiss" or something, but how about adding nicknames in there, as well as your legitimate name? For instance, mine would be: Tom "Major Isoor" [surname] (pronounced "eyesore" not "izz-oor" if anyone wasn't certain, heh) So, would that be permitted? Since I mean, I wouldn't see why not, as it's not exactly out of the ordinary for people to have/be known by nicknames or callsigns, right? But yeah, just thought I'd check before I go and sink $160 into the Kickstarter within the next couple of weeks, and then find out that my name has been disallowed because of it, or something.