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Found 4 results

  1. Surely some of you are curious! Any fan of XCOM should be. This playlist is COMPLETED! It took forever, but it's over now. For the sake of keeping it interesting, it was played on the hardest difficulty. The game took a good while to get going, but once it did it was... still pretty bad and lacking in most every aspect. The plot was poorly written, the voice acting was too much, the level design eventually became alright but it all felt repetitive after the umpteenth time. The battle were predictable and character development isn't even on the list. From what I understand the game was tossed from development group to development group so I can't really fault anyone for the game being mediocre. Overall, if you look past the "XCOM" in the title and look at it as a sci-fi action strategy, it's tolerable as long as you get it on sale. (YouTube)
  2. Betuor

    Analysis of The Bureau

    I will be doing of an analysis of The Bureau as I play along it. I have currently finished to 1st level and will update this as I go along and play more of it. Note that this post will contain spoilers. For my video series of it, the link can be found here: [video=youtube;nI5Sotr6AGs] Well, the first mission starts out as the aliens attack Groom Lake (Area 51) supposedly for some device in a briefcase. You group up with a skilled agent (who for some reason needed your help) and try to rescue the brass. Nothing's too odd except that the base gets quickly screwed over (they store the advanced tech there) and the fact your go through an Elerium mine/research facility where they are making advanced weapons, elerium generators, and elerium nukes. You soon later learn that there are multiple elerium deposits on Earth (so much for a rare element) and get sent to rescue the heads of some of the Heads of America's top government agencies. All are killed by an MC general. In the end, the base gets evacuated (all 6 of you) and gets nuked. You also get another squaddie who can deploy a laser turret. When you reach XCOM HQ, you get told that all communications worldwide have ceased (for the most part) and that they're covering it up. Analysis: It makes XCOM look technology founded with lasers, elerium, and cloaking, but Area 51 gets destroyed. The aliens are attacking in mass and there should be no way to cover it all up. Also, elerium covers Earth. Really destroys the plot tie-in with EU, at least so far. More to come soon.
  3. I have just recently noticed that The Bureau is now on Steam. Currently it's $44.99 (WOW! a 10% discount ) and is doing the prepurchase unlocks. 1. Codebreaker pack 2. Spec Ops: The Line (Never heard of it) 3. The XCOM collection (a $60 value) Also release with this is the official trailer showing some new leader(?) alien that looks like a cross between a tall sectoid wearing battle armor and a ethereal wearing battle armor. Also, the Titan is still in. That puts some hope back in me that this has kept some of the older enemies that it originally had. What's you guys thoughts?