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Found 5 results

  1. count - what is it used for? <Ethnicity name="afri" count="3" /> --- already found the answer. It's associated with the number of images per race. chance - does the value represent a direct percentage, like 1 = 1%? <Nation name="Hungarian" chance="1">
  2. I''d really like the ability to change soldiers' names, not just callsigns...
  3. Julian Gollop David Braben Ian Bell Simo Häyhä Carlos Hathcock Chesty Puller Miyamoto Musashi Cyrano de Bergerac Jean Valjean Michael Moorcock Ulrich von Bek ...and some others that I can't think of right now because I have some really unpleasant paperwork to do and I've been drinking but you get the point and I'm sure someone else will step up and fill in. Plus your favourite artists' real names and all the beta testers' real names and a few heroes from mythology and various real wars and stuff like that. Maybe slightly randomize the names (grouped by ethnicity to avoid "Carlos Musashi") to make things less obvious.
  4. can you have your pre-generated character name as informal as opposed to what you would put on a credit card? And also where/when do pictures get submitted for artist rendering? and for premium pre orderers how do they claim their "medal"?
  5. Hi there, sorry if this is the inappropriate sub-forum for this thread, but well, it seems like the right place, so I'll just go with it! Anyway, I'm just curious about what the naming restrictions are for the $125+ tiers are, that let you submit your name to be in the pre-generated list of names. I mean, obviously you wouldn't be allowed to have your name as somethlike like "Amanda Huginkiss" or something, but how about adding nicknames in there, as well as your legitimate name? For instance, mine would be: Tom "Major Isoor" [surname] (pronounced "eyesore" not "izz-oor" if anyone wasn't certain, heh) So, would that be permitted? Since I mean, I wouldn't see why not, as it's not exactly out of the ordinary for people to have/be known by nicknames or callsigns, right? But yeah, just thought I'd check before I go and sink $160 into the Kickstarter within the next couple of weeks, and then find out that my name has been disallowed because of it, or something.
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