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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Chris, what will be changing in regards to the UI both in the Battlescape and Geoscape? Will the Geoscape, research window, base building etc remain in the same structure with updated UI? What about general audio changes/FX's/atmosphere and possible Battlecape weather effects?(rain, snow fall, dusk and dawn missions) and general mood of the gameplay considering you guys now have Unity to play with. Just trying to generally understand if X-2 will be a clone of the original right down to its structure and menus with improvements considering team size and budget, or if there are any other major visual changes being considered. Cheers
  2. A few people on this forum know I love youtube, and spend probably too much time on it. So, for fun, I typed in xenonauts into the search bar, and I got back some interesting results. Of the 9 pages, there's a lot of lets' plays, ranging from v8 all the way to v12.1, so anyone wasn't here earlier and who wants to see the progression of the game can watch how it evolved. There's also quite a lot of "first looks" which is sort of LP, but more in depth than a Let's Play. The Let's Plays come from a varied bunch, I guess you all visit the forums regularly, I don't know who you are on the forums, but I did learn some things from watching them. (I watched a lot of Xenonaut Let's Plays). It wasn't all Let's Plays, though. First of all, the interviews. There's totalbiscuits' (that's how I first found out about Xenonauts), and I found this interview of our beloved leader who was interviewed by indiegamemag Next, I found some animations and sounds. Here's the , the and . Someone really liked Aleksi's air combat music. So much so, that they put it into this (at about 04:23 into the video). Oh, and did somebody say mod? Here's some of oracle1990's work on female xenonauts.Remember the kickstarter, when we were all trying to promote it? A couple of people promoted goldhawk's kickstarter on youtube:-buttonmasher and .And finally, Xenonauts is used a good example of (although the specific example of why Chris is a good example is brought up right near the end).
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