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Found 9 results

  1. Turtle Tank Mod v.5 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection made for Community Edition (0.35), probably works in Vanilla too not compatible with mods changing dropships or vehicles ~ 40 MB download, was unable to upload to Steam Workshop, because of "file too big Error" although older versions are there since 2017 main difference to Steam version: all gameconfig.xml and dropship stat modifications were moved to separate mods ([B4X2]more planes, [B4X2]ironman vet rebalance) This mod changes: Hunter, Scimitar, Hyperion are sturdier & Hunter is faster for scouting, some other stats modified also to make vehicles more distinct new Turtle tank vehicle: tactical purpose: slow and sturdy bullet magnet unlocks with Hunter & Alien Plasma Tech research, first upgrades requires Alien Assault Plasma four Turtle Tank and six Turtle weapon versions researchable Turtle occupies 9 space slots in dropships - therefore get my "More Planes" Mod! turtle_tank_v5[B4X2].zip
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to modify the game files to increase the ammunition available for vehicles so that it has more than 12 shots with the Laser Cannon/Plasma Cannon/Mag Cannon. I tried changing "clipSize" in "vehicleweapons_gc", but that does not increase the number of shots my vehicle has, only its ability to carry more ammo. If anyone is familiar with this issue, please help. It would be nice to have a tank with 35-40 shots, which is like a real tank.
  3. So - vehicles. Until now they exist in a separate Category from your Soldiers - but why ? Both need storage space, equipment and repair after getting shot at by aliens. Well - we call the "human storage space" living quarters and their repair "medical" - BUT our vehicles have far less options for customization and enhancement then regular soldiers. So - I propose a Framework to make the handling of Vehicles in general easier and blurring the lines between Soldiers and Vehicles. A Vehicle is equipped like a piece of Armor for a Soldier - changing the amount of space said soldier takes up in a transport and the types of Weapons they can equip. Instead of Assigning a "Hunter1" Scout Car to your Chinook, you equip Pvt. Max Muster with a "Hunter Scout Car" and a twin Browning MG Turret. Pvt. Muster will propably earn some experience and become a better Soldier while Driving/ Commanding said Scout Car. This shift would: Eliminate the necessity for a separate Garage screen (which has bugged out severly in my modded campaign btw.) Allows Vehicles to be affected by morale Allow Easier Customizing of Vehicles (Main gun, additional weapons, smoke launchers etc) in the Loadout Screen. Allow variable soldier size through Exosuits , Mechas or horrible biomechanical surgeries. Allow implementation of other restrictions for weapons - Perhaps only Soldiers in "powered armors" may equip a portable Gatling cannon etc. Perhaps you could even Enter/Leave vehicles with other soldiers - hop on the back of a Scout Car/Trike or Tank and use the vehicles movement.
  4. I have researched craft laser weapons and i have version 1.9 whenever i click the 30.cal to change my vehicle weapons it doesnt change weapons.it makes the sound of clicking but doest show any kind of weapons,not even the rockets.
  5. Hello guys ! 1st of all I would like to say that Xenonauts look really promising ! The more I play, the more I enjoy this game. Here are some thoughts ... - Laser on the guns to add a little aim. - Flash light on the gun. - Enhanced clip ( more bullet, different type of bullet...) - Customization for the armour, like helm, arms, shoulders, legs, patch/colour/camo... ( more plating, lighter plating, flash light, night vision... ) - Additional plating for vehicle. Additional equipment... ( Spot Light, smoke, transport troops then they can assault... ) - Mounted gun/turret. ( Maybe on the chopper ) - More vehicle. In the X-com series, the vehicle ( at least for me ) as always been used for scouting because they do not get experience, they take more space in the Skyranger/chopper.. I would like to see a crew in the vehicle getting experience and then being more efficient with the vehicle. Also, the chopper could transport the vehicle using chain, and you could drop it just before landing. When your pilot from interceptor crash, they never survive. Maybe a new type of mission could be to recover the pilot. In this game, the local forces are using better weapon as you research them, that's what I like. Civilian should try to go around the Xenonauts chopper to get cover. Money as always been used to fund the Xenonauts/Xcom organisation. What about getting stuff ( maybe random ) depending on how well you defend a country ? They could provide you certain type of stuff depending on your rating. I'm not saying to remove money, but to add a little more to the rating value. Well, what do you guys think about that ?
  6. How does one purchase vehicles? The manual says to click on the empty vehicle slot, but that doesn't seem to work for me. Now that there's not starting vehicles I feel a lot more naked going into battle.
  7. HTH82


    hey there. Just to mention it - the machine gun on the first tank is fine and all - but the original ufo had a basic tank with a rocket launcher on it available. problem was - all the advanced tanks never came with the rocket option. whats the point of having a floating tank (which wont hit anything at all - really...) if it cant do anything decent... ^^ to cut a long story short - please dont forget to include rocket tanks. ^^
  8. Hi new to the forum so this may already have come up... The ability for two troops to hitch aride on mech vehicles allowing them to be transported to battle areas quickly and still have there APs available when they arrive. This would enable troops who are a good distance from the battle zone to assist. If the tank is destroyed with the troops on then the troops are out of action also.. Sparty
  9. I got my Hunter damaged to ~30% in combat. While Chinook was en route home "Vehicles" screen still showed 2 Hunters. But upon arrival i could see only the second one. I thought that may be there's some repair shop that i cant find, but i fast forwarded a month into the future and still couldn't see it. Did i miss something? Where did my Hunter go? Or is it a bug?
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