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Found 2 results

  1. The idea of giving magical stats to UFO when you send more interceptor is very lazy and wrong balancing method ever. This is arbitrary, this is cheating and this is non-sense. You can't punish a player if he just uses what the game offers him. I don't know why you did think this is needed and a good idea at all. You balanced it at X-1, many modders made it more balanced and more fun, and god knows at X-Division, we made it balanced with 200+ UFO's.. we never needed a magical buff for UFOs. We added unique weapon designs, as you did which is a good think at X-2, we add tougher ufos and gave them good escorts as the game developed. You can rise the difficulty as player gets better for whole game wise but not at tactical level like this. This is not realistic, not logical. Really why would a UFO suddenly get tougher if you send one more aircraft. Did you ever ask this question to yourself? At a realistic alien invasion simulation game?
  2. I first heard about the X-COM franchise from TotalBiscuit's WTF is Xenonauts in a very early stage of the game. It immediately got pre-ordered because the strategy behind the game looked SO GOOD! I then decided to learn more about this mysterious 'X-COM' and and bought the pack on steam for $15. I've played a ton of the OG, probably over 200 hours. After learning about XComUtil, I've played more and more of it. I've even dabbled in TFTD and recently tried my hand at Apocalypse. Interceptor lays never played on my steam library and Enforcer has 14 minutes played. With the Firaxis game, I bought it on release. I was a bit disappointed in the mechanics like aliens needing to be activated in such. What is your experience with X-Com? TL;DR: I learned about Xenonauts, pre-ordered, then bought the original games then EU2012.
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