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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, in my mod I´m working on a tank with a mounted flame thrower. So far it works, but I´d like to prevent the current ability to shoot the flames across half of the map even though I limit the "range" attribute to "5" in the child "props" of "weapon" in vehicleweapons_gc.xml. Does anybody have an idea how the shotgun for example has been limited to not be able to fire at too distant targets?
  2. So what are the mechanics for raising stats? TU seems to happen from the soldiers just doing their actions. Accuracy from shooting. Reflex from doing reaction fire? Strength from carrying more weight than they can carry without penalty amount. I haven't seen bravery rise. On the note of strength, could you raise the strength of your troops by simply overloading your troops and having them drop all their gear in the beginning? That could make it a bit of a cheesy way to strength train.
  3. I'm always a fan of the "improve-stats-by-using-them" school that X-COM and Silent Storm employed. Xenonauts does follow this scheme, right? It looked to be that way in the Alpha. Do you have to damage enemies to get a stat to increase? Is there a limit to how much you can improve your characters on a single mission?
  4. was playing last night and after shooting an aliens about 20 times I got to thinking about stat loss after injury, is it going to be implemented for both player and alien or is it already there in some form?
  5. It's nice that we get a "what stats improved" screen after a mission, but instead of simply listing stat and the new rating APS 57 f.x. could it be shown as APS (+3) 57 for example? That way it's clear how much the improvement was? It's only a trivial thing but hey.
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