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Found 2 results

  1. Just a little poll which may help Goldhawk to decide when best to release a "finished" Xenonauts 2. I'm quite happy to wait until christmas, as it should give them time to release a polished product (remember, Chris has just had a baby and also remember there will always be the impact of the Coronavirus). I think releasing a polished product rather than releasing an unfinished product looks bad on a company, even if they work to fix it eventually. Remember also that Goldhawk actually release their products as betas so we get to test them if we want to, and they get the bug feedback, which is mutually beneficial, so it potentially works as a 'graded' release. As long as they deliver what they said they would (like they did with Xen 1) then I'm happy! If the majority of us choose option 3 then I hope this will give the team some breathing space. But if they do things in a similar vein to what they did in Xen 1 then they will get to where they want to be eventually (in fact, the way Chris did it impressed me - he didn't just say "it's finished", drop it and move on). Remember also that from what I have seen, the early game looks pretty much finished. Not so sure about the late game, but for obvious reasons there is time to patch that (especially if most of us play on iron man mode and we get beat :-)). It looks like Chris is reasonably close to a release date, but what do YOU think is the best course of action?
  2. With Xenonauts nearing completion, is there a rough guess as to when the game will get a product page on Steam? I'd prefer to have the Steam version and not Desura's. Looking forward to seeing (and playing) the game in Valve's platform, thx.
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