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Found 8 results

  1. This may be a popular or unpopular opinion, I'd like to hear you guys opinion. So psi has been quite an important part of the Xenonauts, X-COM and XCOM games and have added mystery and unpredictability and overall improved the story. My problem is it featuring in combat. Start mission with well equipped squad. Let's do this! MG in the back spontaneously gun down the two in front of him. Move across the map making no tactical errors. Enemies are taken by surprise and barely have time to fire back. Two experienced soldiers run around cowering in corners. Make good use of my best shield guy in open area. Confidently holding his ground defending comrade behind him. Drop shield, stand up and both get shot. Finally at the UFO, all stacked up and almost ready, just have to reload. Rifleman fires at a wall pinning two of his mates. Allright that's solved and everyone is doing good. Shotgun wielding god who basically carried the mission so far get scared by a lizard or cloud or something and drops his weapon, runs into the ufo and is evenly distributed over the walls by reaction fire. I save the game and consider savescumming. End up just playing some other game instead. This is why I've stopped playing Xenonauts and most Xcoms. Psi for me just makes the combat arbitrary and unfair. When I get my own magic spells it doesn't get much more fun because both sides just kill themselves. It is in my opinion a game mechanic that punish you without a previous error or foolish move on your part. In chess it's not allowed to flick elastic bands at the oposite player's pieces, just like I don't like bs magic spells interfering in a TACTICAL combat SIMULATOR. Let me know what you think. Do I have a point or should I just git gud?
  2. Psionics are getting a lot of discussion at the moment due to their destructiveness. Though the game is close to being finished, the psionic powers have not gone through many iterations - the AI only started using them properly recently and people only seem to have played far enough to encounter them regularly in the more recent builds....so they may well need a bit more work. PLEASE BE AWARE OF WHAT VERSION OF THE GAME YOU ARE PLAYING: V21 Stable: Psionic powers all use squad sight, so if your units enter an area visible to any alien that turn, the entire alien team can use psionic abilities on those soldiers. Combined with a bug allowing aliens to see through some UFO hulls this is a little overpowered. V21 Experimental 1: Dread has been nerfed somewhat, so it has a 0.7x strength modifier which should ensure it only affects a minority of your team each turn rather than affecting pretty much everyone in the squad. V21 Experimental 2 (upcoming): Fear and Paralyse become global powers that require no line of sight at all Mind Control remains squad sight, but is reduced to a 30 tile radius Berserk becomes line-of-sight only, but now takes effect in the following player turn - so the affected unit will spend all their TU shooting, potentially injuring their own team. Please inform yourself about the changes made in your version relative to how they were in earlier versions - you want to make sure you are both looking at the same version if you are debating facts with another forum user. The current psionic attack formula is: Alien Psionic Strength vs. Soldier Bravery + (Random number up to Alien Psionic Strength) The psionic attack formula isn't the best formula I've ever created, so I'm happy to amend it prior to release. The key things in any formula are: Soldiers should not be immune from psionic attack at high bravery Bravery should provide significant defence against psionic attacks The psionic strength of the alien, modified by the difficulty of the power, is an important success factor I'm open to suggestions on how psionics should work, and any alternative formula suggestions if people want to make them. I don't want to radically remake the way psionics work, just find a better solution that gives the players more of a chance to defend against the psionic attacks than is currently the case. Let's assume we're also not adding new items to the game at this point (for now at least)!
  3. I find that when I have a guy in a squad and he gets controlled by aliens it goes like this: 1. set up squad to wait for aliens to come around a corner 2. one dude gets alien controlled 3. he shoots at a squaddie 4. several squaddies shoot back, killing him Basically there's a 50% chance that alien-controlled dude won't make it to the end of the turn. How would a soldier tell the difference between someone alien controlled and someone who's just berserking? Why would people instantly start firing on their friends once the realize they are alien-controlled? As a commander I should be able to give an order that alien-controlled soldiers can only be dispatched with non-lethal means. The whole thing strains suspension of disbelief too much.
  4. Hi guys. Sometimes if you are in a alianbase, some alian takes the mind from your soldier and he becames your enemie, like he is deat. So what can i do exept to shoot him of course, because i dont want to lose him. There are to optians i think, but i dont know if this work. 1. finde the alian who has take the mind from soldier and kil this alian to get my soldier back. 2. or stun my soldier and hope that after the mission he is still alive and in my team. Especially the 2. method is very intresting but i dont know if this works or not. And before I fonde out it myself i wont to ask you guys. Do you know if its work or not? Thanks for all answers in advance. Safe the wales. Peace
  5. Happy to see a true update to XCOM in the works. Got my pre-order in and looking over the FAQ when I noticed that there would be no fusion launchers or human psionics in Xenonauts. I have to say that this made me a little sad. While I never really got into psionics in the original XCOM, I had a blast (yuk, yuk) shooting those rockets around corners and up and down elevator shafts. Less toys to play with will always feel like less. I hope that these and more may one day make their own appearances in Xenonauts, either by DLC or by mod community.
  6. Now i know that probably all alien enemies that will be in the game is already mapped out and planned. I have had many years since beloved X-com to think about aliens i my self would like to face in such a game. Wouldn't it be interesting with something quite unique in the genre. I am thinking something with the sneaky speed and death contempt of the Chryssalid but with the terrifying psychic abilities of say the Ethereal. A small, lean, fragile, dwarf sized vessel of flesh with two pitch black eyes like an bottomless abyss if gazed into but most important, a thirsty, devouring radiating mind. A mind that radiates demoralizing or even paralyzing nightmares to the enemies (Civilians, Xenonauts) It could have active abilities also, but i think it would be too powerful and take away its character. Now what it would try to do, is to sneak up to your troops as close as it can get, and by just being in their proximity it would render soldiers paralyzed, drop equipment or simply panicking them. It would not carry a gun, and would have no means or even intent of physical aggression other that radiating these horrible nightmares before the eyes of the poor victims. Its body would be a mere carrier of its mind. Living of the imagery it would steal/borrow from its victims heads. Having no intent to kill, since it would deprive it of its entertainment/nutrition. So in effect it would not kill itself. They could also perhaps be made more interesting also choose a defensive mind attack, if detected. Fooling the senses, eyes and hearing that they aren't there so they could invisibly relocate and try another time. A Xenonaut further away could see it skulk away and finish of the critter with ease. Now i see them as primarily a terror weapon. Or maybe something larger ships could house one of, searching the ship constantly for intruders or unwelcome guests. Maybe that's one of the reasons Aliens abduct people simply to have a supply of thoughts. Since its thoughts and dreams this vicious little beings mind somehow transforms into proteins for its physical development.
  7. So...I'm new here. (Presumably I'll be getting a backer-badge at some point, but I don't expect it to have arrived yet.) Anyway: so I've lurked these forums from time to time in the past, and one thing that I recall the Head Dude saying at some point, was "No psionics for humans. We don't want 'em." And that was awesome! Being overpowered through an end-game can be a real experience-killer. And then the Kickstarter final stretch-goal looks to be psionics for humans. What gives? If it's necessary to include at all, could it be, like, turned off? Or released as an optional expansion down the road, sometime?
  8. Something that came to mind, why not have one of the alien races use telekinesis in Battle? Instead of the usual rifles they could have a kind of pellet ammo that works especially well with TK to achieve good damage, like a mini plasma grenade that would function the same as a shot from a plasma rifle. Instead of the usual mind control/panic they could suspend a target and prevent movement, or be tricky and disarm the target or drop the clip out of rifle that's being aimed at them. For harder difficulties they could just pull the pin on a grenade that's being carried by one of our soldiers, though that's probably a bit too evil. Any thoughts from someone else?
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