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Found 3 results

  1. Please someone help! I cant figure out how to manage a base that isn’t the original base you place in the beginning of the game. Every time I click on it I just get three hangars that are empty and 3 radar slots I can’t fill since I “Don’t have sufficient radar capacity”
  2. Ok so this is something that has been bugging me for a bit now. When you open up the launcher there is a modding tools button which looks like there is a either some way to create a drop in mod or a plan for it in the future. I would like to get more details on this function such as structure and design. Is the mod folder simply a drop in folder for mod files which takes the place of existing files? Please give some details cause I would like to start working on this and planning my mod ahead of the curve.
  3. I'd love the ability to - mid-air - split a squadron, if for some reason several UFO's appear, and all of my fighters are currently enroute. Secondly, I'd like Squadrons to be able to reform, basically able to rendezvous with fighters or dropships enroute and continue the escort. (Obviously the fuel level would drop to the lowest amount if that is going to be an issue) I think this would add more to the game, and also means that if you have long range fighters out, and they engage an enemy UFO you can have them rendezvous with the dropship you may have moved by itself half-way.
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