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Found 3 results

  1. " What do you think about the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Have you played in it? Did you like it? What in this game is cool, and what would you do differently? I think Firaxis did a terrific job with the new XCOM. They have made a very console friendly and accessible game, but it still has a lot of strategic and tactical depth. The character progression is done very well, and the tactical combat system is great. I would have done things differently for sure. I was a bit disappointed that the Geoscape is basically irrelevant, with no strategy involved about positioning of bases, detection ranges, base attacks and so on. It is also a shame that there is no random map generation. The development of the alien menace seems to be driven by specific events, such as the first alien base assault, rather than the aliens own development agenda as in the original X-Com. XCOM series always had a lot of fans, but now it is at a new peak of popularity. Would you like to work on a new part of this franchise? No, I think I am done with X-Com. I tried many times for many years to get a remake underway, but Firaxis finally did it. Also, there is a promising and more faithful remake nearing completion called ‘Xenonauts’." Source P.S.: Just registered just to post this, if this has already been posted, sorry about it
  2. Came across the link below and found it a facinating read - enjoy! Apologies if has been listed in the Forum somewhere else, but I can't find it. http://www.nowgamer.com/features/1034964/interview_with_xcom_creator_julian_gollop.html
  3. Found this video on youtube,(well, okay, on my front page) seems like they will talk about TFTD next week. Anyway, worried about what they will say about Apocalypse but its still rather interesting to watch.
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