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Found 10 results

  1. This hotfix addresses a number of issues with the V20 Stable build that we put out over the holidays, and should hopefully clear up the worst of the issues. Please note: We are ONLY pushing this to the Experimental Branch on Steam for the moment, if it proves to be reliable after a few a days then we will go ahead and promote it to the main branch. Here's the change list: Fixes: - Units above walls can now see over them (applies to both jetpack infantry and units in structures - Incendiary damage bonus to props is no longer applied against units too - Units now leave their "gibbed" sprite behind after being killed by overdamage weapons - Units now always play the correct animation when dual wielding weapons - Capturing a landed UFO will now grant you the national relations bonus assigned to that UFO type - Fixed aircraft waypoints not always drawing - Sell/Transfer button on stores screen now displays correctly - Style changes to soldier equip screen buttons - AI should now shoot stunned enemy units, so you cannot save men by knocking them out - AI should no longer try to attack through doors - Fixed issue where the accuracy for aliens shooting was based on strength - Fixed missing C4 animations for Wolf and Jackal - Vault, death and injury animations sped up by 40% - Fixed soldiers being healed up to 98% only - Aliens will now generally be facing the dropship on mission start - Fixed column ordering in the soldier management screen - Time acceleration is now reset to 5 seconds when closing the interceptor dialogue - Fixed Alien Fusion Reactor displaying incorrect Xenopedia entry - Soldiers should now receive the correct penalty for going over their carrying capacity - Fixed UFO supply run missions causing a crash if the base they were to supply was destroyed - Removed sticky Ctrl key for various add/remove buttons in the base management screens - Fixed a crash that would occur if you pressed escape while placing a building - Fixed alpha channel on the main menu clipboard - Fixed Alien weapon accuracy penalty being applied to aliens! Additions: - New dust cloud animation is played when props are destroyed to smooth the visual transition - The space bar now only functions as a time-stop toggle on the Geoscape, rather than centring the camera - All free scientists/engineers are automatically assigned to a new project - Air Combat auto-resolve percentage victory chance is now displayed - Mouse wheel and keys now let you scroll through the soldier list in the soldier equip screen Also I am back, Happy New Year all! EDIT: I accidentally did not update the saved game number in the initial build of this, which meant previous saved games would disappear. I hotfixed this at about an hour ago so those saved games should show up again.
  2. This is a small update to Hotfix 1, fixing a few remaining issues within Hotfix 1: - A crash associated with destroyed alien bases spawning invalid supply missions is fixed - Valkyrie spawn maps are no longer comprised of black tiles that units cannot walk on - Sebillian Guards no longer incorrectly spawn in the Light Scout That is all. It shouldn't break save games so give it a test and let us know if there are any more game-breaking bugs in the build. We have made more fixes in the interim but we're saving them for the Experimental builds as they have the potential to cause additional issues, or are hard to separate out from the balance changes I've made recently. Barring any major disasters, this version will be moved to the Stable Branch shortly and the Experimental branch will be reclaimed for my balance patches. PS - I'm having a weird issue on my work PC for the Steam builds where the Main Menu screen isn't working. Let me know if that manifests in this build somehow.
  3. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. This hotfix just addresses a couple of issues. Fixes: - Fixed issue where units walking through any type of gas would take "damage" from it and stop, despite it dealing no damage - Base rooms that are under construction will now be correctly added to the map for base attack missions
  4. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. This hotfix addresses a few issues, and also includes a small number of improvements. The changes here are minor enough that saved games from build 8 should not be affected. Fixes: - Auto-saves created at the start of Ground Combat now include aliens - UFOs shot down over water now correctly grant a relations boost to the nearest funding nation - Camera delay after an AI unit moved/fired reduced slightly - Fixed C4 damage being set to 20 instead of 200 (oops) Additions: - Injured soldiers are now indicated on the soldier equip screen Balance: - Funding from each nation is now capped at 2 times the starting funding level of that block (previously could be pumped to infinity) - Victory in a Terror Mission now grants you a significant relations bonus with the nation that was attacked - Extended the length of time both Terror Mission types persist for to be between 12 and 24 hours (was previously between 3 and 12) - Set Xenonaut/Alien accuracy bonus to 1.5x (this was already stealth-fixed in, listing here for completeness) - Increased the speed and turn rate of higher tiered UFO weapons (they were trivially easy to avoid with any aircraft due to their long travel time) - Turn rate of faster UFOs now increase with their speed; previously their turning circles were just too large
  5. We have a fix for the issue with aliens (and Xenonauts) shooting through UFO walls, so we have decided to push it right away as a hotfix. It also includes a few other fixes, mainly because they have already been committed so why not include them. Fixes: - Fixed two issues that could allow weapons to penetrate UFO hulls -- First was an issue to do with blocking shots that travel between diagonal tiles -- Second was an issue with the updated accuracy formula where a wall would reduce the chance to hit to zero, but then the close range bonus would override that - Fixed the way jetpack animations are displayed (they now display the full take-off/land animation before moving) - Removed the blue tint from "stunned" units - this was a debug tool, your are meant to find out by checking their corpse - Enabled an animation for healing soldiers
  6. Just a quick note to say I've pushed a hotfix for the stable version to the experimental branch. This only serves to reinstate some of the changes that were reverted on Saturday when the issue with the hidden movement screen hang was discovered. Because the changes are so minor saved games should not be affected. Once this has been up on the experimental branch for a day or so with no new issues showing up we will push it to the main branch.
  7. Sergey has come through with another good batch of fixes, and they are pretty crucial ones so I am doing a hotfix again. This will probably be the last one for experimental build 6. Saved games from previous experimental build 6 games should still work with this. Fixes: - FIXED HIDDEN MOVEMENT POPUP ALWAYS VISIBLE OH YEAH (sorry this took so long, my fault for not checking the release executable as well as debug) - Fixed hypervelocity weapons being blocked by overlay tiles and doors - Fixed door blocking reaction fire for aliens - Critical Xenopedia updates (not critical, fyi) - Escorted UFO crash fixed temporarily by disabling UFO escorts (the fix for this won't be ready for at least a week, so I figured it best to work around it for now) - Disabled the Hallucination Psionic power EDIT: The original change to disable escort UFOs was not working, so I've deployed a new one via Steam.
  8. My current game is ruined. A corvette with escorts appeared right over my base. I can't defeat it with standard missiles. So it lands and the game freezes. I can't even try to defend it with two soldiers. Any news on a hotfix for 19.6?
  9. I just released a quick hotfix for the last experimental build which fixes a critical game hang; Steam will update with it automatically IF you have opted in to experimental builds. As the fix is so simple this build does have saved game compatibility with the base experimental build 6. Changes - Fixed game hanging when a UFO attacks a Xenonaut base - Fixed medical kits not working in certain situations Also good news everyone, there is a better work around for the hidden movement screen "always on" bug: instead of running the main game executable, go to the Xenonauts folder and run the debug version of the game (Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe) and the hidden movement screen should now work properly! Remember when running the debug version that certain keyboard commands in ground combat will do unexpected things, so double check anything you think is a bug in the release executable before posting it please. I expect to have a proper hotfix for this out in the next day or so.
  10. In the game when a xenonuat picks up an alien weapon and tries to use it the game crashes. This is a little fix that makes that problem go away, it makes the alien weapons and well, all the weapons that don’t have sprites call upon other weapons sprites. Similar to what is being done with the starter sniper rifle. HOW TO INSTALL!!! READ THIS!!!! -Take .rar file and place inside the Xenonauts folder. (The one with the .exe) -right click and press extract here !! -Click yes to overwrite all files. -This will in no way cause harm to your game. http://www.mediafire.com/?82hbh9r1diy2lkt
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