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Found 8 results

  1. Friendly fire suppression effects should be far less than enemy. That's it. I think you should limit the suppression radius of friendly fire to the target tile OR about 1/2 the normal suppression radius. Friendlies expect and recognize where friendly fire is coming from and who it's directed at. Only if they fear they are in "beaten zone" are they going to get scared. Also, do aliens get suppressed by their own friendly fire? I don't recall seeing this.
  2. When you target an enemy you are given a % chance to hit them (as well as anything in the way) however, when you scroll between the shot types you become both more likely to hit the target, and anyone in the way.
  3. Serves me right for moving my Colonel HW guy up a couple tiles to avoid stacking three soldiers in a line (Watching a long hall in a large base assault with two snipers and the HW; alien grenade spam has already taken two soldiers due to mistakes on my part), but this is now the second time my sniper has brained a soldier of mine due to friendly fire on a reaction shot. The first was pretty much a rookie, but this time it was my second longest serving soldier...second behind the very sniper that killed'em. It'd probably be easier to implement the threshold instead of redoing the whole cover system so that a unit standing two tiles back from a crouching unit doesn't have the maximum chance of hitting the crouching soldier. Doesn't even have to be a soldier; all cover has this element. The damn sniper has 101 accuracy, too. First time I've rage quit the game.
  4. It's too easy to kill your squadmates in this game. Even crouched they get killed by friendly fire, and once, a guy standing side by side takes a lethal load of lead. Just not FUN! I don't like to save a lot and with friendly fire taking out soldiers all the time, it's a nuisance. Not saying not to have friendly fire, but hey, you can't always tell the sight lines. It shouldn't be so easy to hit friendlies.
  5. I suppressed my own troops when breaching a scout ufo, is this supposed to happen? 4 guys in position to breach, had 2 LMG's about 13 squares in position directily opposite ufo door, took a few turns to shoot and destroy ufo door, but i suppressed my own guys multiple times doing it.
  6. Hi all, First I'd like to start by saying that this game is absolutely fantastic, and has managed to do the seemingly impossible: improve upon X-COM. Since it's pretty late in the development cycle, I'll limit myself to suggestions that should be straightforward to implement and won't change the game in any fundamental way. I've only just started V19, so I apologize in advance if any of this has already been addressed. - Grenade throwing accuracies. Sometimes the thrown grenades land *way* off from where they were intended to, to the point where it damages the immersion for me. Rather than making them more accurate overall, I'd suggest putting a cap on just how far off they can land. After all, your soldiers are all top-flight special forces operators, so they might not be able to play horseshoes at a professional level, but they shouldn't have a grenade land more than 4 or 5 tiles away from where it was intended to go, IMHO. - Friendly fire at close range. It sometimes happens that shooting over a squadmate's shoulder results in a friendly fire incident, for instance if the 2 units are in diagonally adjacent tiles. See above comment about how these guys are all special forces, and should be able to shoot over each others' shoulders. The proposed fix would be to disable friendly fire in a 1 or 2 tile radius around the firing unit. - Extended kneeling for heavies. The non-moving bonuses for heavy weapons (snipers & machine guns) make more sense if they only accrue when the unit starts out in, or gets into, a kneeling position. In return, kneeling for them would take a lot more TUs, say 12 or 15. Also, a sniper would seem a lot more like a proper sniper (IMHO) if they get a long (maybe 2x), but narrow cone of vision, at the cost of not being able to swivel. Ideally, there should be a separate prone position for snipers and machine gunners (those guns have little legs on the front!) but sadly that would require more animations, which appear to be a bit of a bottleneck. - Replacing experienced KIAs. Early on it's easy to keep playing when one of your guys gets killed, but once you get a squad of battle hardened killers, it's a lot harder to not reload when one dies, the reason being that rookies absolutely suck. They can't even keep up with the rest of the squad when they have half the TUs, making it harder for them to get any kills. My proposal would be to add a few recruits to the pool just below the rank of those who are killed, so that those losses are not the end of the world. (Or maybe don't make it so baldly related to your KIAs.) This also means you would want to check the recruitment pool every so often. You still take a hit because the new recruit won't be as good, and of course, you lose the character you've grown attached to. The logic would be that as Xenonauts gain credibility, they get access to better recruits. - Starting off face-to-face against Battleships. It almost always happens that when the air combat vs. a battleship starts, my squadron is so close to it that it simply isn't possible for my foxtrots to turn around and escape being one-shot-killed. It's odd to think that the pilots would stay on autopilot until they're so close to the enemy that they can't even turn around! - I haven't verified, but the update post says that destroyed interceptors are recovered after 72 hours, and repaired. (yay!) Does this also apply to those that run out of fuel? - More specific attack instructions. It would be nice if you could give the fighter instructions other than "Go to waypoint", or "Attack target", such as, "Attack this target from the rear" or, "Approach this waypoint from a specific angle", which would allow some more interesting tactical maneuvering. The way this would work is, when you click on the UFO or waypoint to designate it as a target, you could also specify an approach vector, or at least, an approach quadrant, or something like that. In such a case the fighter could follow a B-spline rather than a straight line, if that helps. Once again, thanks a lot for a great game. I'm hoping that if this game sells well you'll do a remake of TFTD as well, though maybe we can leave that to the modders. Or who knows... DLC? I'd pay for it.
  7. Looking over the V13 change log, something caught my eye. The new accuracy calculation disregarding adjacent cover. So I thought what if you could shoot over adjacent, crouched friendlies (the shooter would have to be standing). Obviously gameplay > realism , but it does seem odd that trained troops don't have the self-control to shoot over someone, without firing a burst into the back of the head (or it could just be classic X-COM accuracy). This mechanic would really come into play when fighting in tight, inclosed spaces, allowing you have more firepower without a lot of repositioning. The downsides is positions and lines of fire would be slightly less important (but the decision to crouch would compensate that, and it would only be for adjacent squares, anything outside of it would act just like now).I understand developement time is precious but I think it could add another layer of tactics. So what do you guys think?
  8. One of my standard tactics in any strategy game is to form a firing line, one single or a group of soldiers crouched in front, and another standing behind them. I noticed that when I tried to do this however, occasionally all I would accomplish was shooting my own soldiers in the back. Is there any way to prevent that from happening? Disable friendly fire for units that are touching? Count crouching Xenonauts as cover for any unit standing behind them? Anything really, I'd just love to be able to fire over my guys heads.
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