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Found 9 results

  1. Every time I tried to use hte mod folder (as set the mod from the modding tools option), it seems the mod doesn't work unless I copy/paste over the main folder....
  2. Hello there! Is there any way to edit the savegame location ? I would like it not to be at the root of my harddrive. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to put the save game folder under the directory that xenonauts is loaded to? I have a steam partition for my games. I have my C drive I use for system info only and never ever let a game use this as my drive has been partitioned for system stuff and then D for games. So space on C is limited and I do not want game files to fill it up. If there is a way to move it then that would be awesome!!. Thanks Erad
  4. All my saved games crash when loading? -where is the default directory folder for saved games??
  5. Hi all, Can you please tell me where can I find my saves? What is name of file - same as what I name it in game? thanks
  6. I'm just curious if it is possible to change the save game location. I currently play on multiple computers and its a (admittedly small) pain to keep copying the latest save to dropbox then move it to the save location on the next computer. is there any way to make it focus on a saves folder that I can just keep on dropbox and all three computers can pull the save from the shared dropbox folder?
  7. Please help me..... I am trying to find the files and crap so i can go nuts with the text. *I tried clicking the xenonauts folder just save games that dont appear in game *Tried looking for desura folder (couldnt find) steamapp folder style *currently asking for help p.s Do you guys think the "Forum Based Madman" fits?! DAFAQ IT BLOCKED OUT FORUM! SOS with that to dios mio im hopeless
  8. Is there any way to change the default save game location. I prefer to have my saves in the game folder - makes the entire thing nice and portable Another minor suggestion - hot keys for Next/Previous soldier (Page Up/Page Down maybe?)
  9. G'afternoon, this is only a small request, but is there any reason for the save games to default to My Documents/Xenonauts apart from a design choice? Microsoft handily supply a My Games folder inside My Documents where *most* games tend to keep save games. I'm quite fond of RockPaperShotgun's initiative to place them in a common location, mostly because it can get very annoying trying to track them all down. Food for thought
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