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Found 6 results

  1. Like, a place you can build where you can send your Xenonauts to increase their strength and accuracy outside of combat?
  2. Is it known that some of the base facility maps dont show during base defense missions, because mine arnt ? I had 6 hangers across the top of the first base only five was shown on battlescape. Other facilitys were also missing.
  3. Has anyone been able to modify the base facility levels ? The level editor dosent seem to be able to access what it needs to do this.
  4. I've just built a medical center, but i have to ask ... "What does it do" ... I don't see any information and my soldiers health seems to be the same ... As a side-note ... Maybe some research into faster healing or upgraded healing kits integrated into the medical center (add a little more in-depth stuff to the game, Or maybe separate research by doctors for cybernetics, implants etc ... Just a thought)
  5. I see that the general stores facility is in Xenonauts but I'm having difficulty determining what it is exactly that it does. I would assume that one is needed before items can be purchased or manufactured but would two be better than one? Is there a limit to how much stuff can be stored in a single facility? XCom had charts showing the amount of available storage space a base had and how much of it was in use. I'm not seeing anything of the sort in Xenonauts. So do we ever need to build more than one in a single base? If so, how do we know when to build additional facilities?
  6. does a soldier heal more quickly if the base has a medical center?
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