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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! New member here, I recently bought Xenonauts thanks to . He has some good pointers on it.Anyways, back to the suggestion/feature. I noticed as Yeti was playing that he could explore past the Fog of War and find all the corners on a map. This, in my opinion, is pretty bad. Tactically and strategically it adds a whole different layer of play that is, in my opinion, degenerative. So! What's the idea? If possible, make the mouse pointer interface on-screen stop at Fog of War. In other words, you wouldn't be able to know where the corners are. If that's not possible, maybe do something about the camera in a way that, you can't move the camera away from your troops (too far) or similar. This way you wouldn't be able to move your camera all over the Fog of War. I do think the former would be more interesting though, and it'd make it more difficult for the Player to figure out the map size or layout. Have a great day
  2. Hello all, I've been playing v19 stable for a bit now and have been having a lot of fun but it's offset with a lot of frustration. One of my main tropes is with how using cover works currently in the game. In short, it doesn't, really. What i'm talking about: Position a soldier around a corner, using the cover it provides. Try to shoot around the corner and...you cant. You will need to move out of cover, leaving your soldier completely open to fire, try to survive the reaction fire, shoot back, try to survive more reaction fire, move back and turn around again - wasting valuable time units in doing so. Result: the perceived tactical advantage is not there, my expectation is not met and instead I have to adjust my intuitive, natural expectation of cover to the abstract interpretation in the game. Immersion broken, frustration gained. Note that the same is true for certain objects which you could perceivable shoot over or objects you would think you could shoot around - such as when you are crouching in front of a bench. The final pet-peeve is when these obstacles are actually other troops. You should be able to shoot over the guy crouching in front of you. Perhaps you should even be able to shoot around the guy right in front of you to some extent. Suggested solution: I'm unsure as to how the LOS / trajectory works, but, assuming you use a ray cast, a simple suggestion might be to have several origin points for this ray cast: one straight from the regular muzzle position ( as is now ) one from a position the muzzle would be when leaning around a corner - both to left and right if currently crouching - one from a position the muzzle would be when shooting over an object Choose the ray with the highest accuracy. note: the leaning-around-corner origin points would also require a crouched version to shoot around your cover object while crouching
  3. Okay one of the big problems for me at the moment is that you can position your Xenonaught on the corner of a building and he will not be able to fire around it. Corners cant really be used as cover as you cant fire at anything at less than a 45 degree angle assuming the soldier is facing towards north (0 degrees). Hopefully you understand what I mean, i was wondering if there is any chance of this changing or if it is, as i suspect, a limitation of the engine. In this regard it would really suck, it is actually restricting strategic movement and placement by its LOS calculations. I cant use the edge of a building as cover, since i cannot return fire without stepping out from the building and risking reaction fire. Could a "cheat LOS" be patched around this, mabye even (looks up the gods) a small animation of the soldier leaning around the corner to fire the shot (otherwise you might get a weird looking clipping issue).
  4. Two suggestions: Ability to open doors without standing in front of them, from the squares at 45 degree intervals. The ability to throw grenades from the above positions. These are realistic, and make safe dynamic entry possible
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