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  1. Loved the old crashed ship art and adding cover from a crashed ufo pieces and churned up piles of earth would add to the immersion nicely
  2. The new UI screens, beautiful and much anticipated as they are don't seem to have changed anything as regards my main issues. Apart from hp seems to be listed - http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/5_Barracks_1610_2.jpg assuming HPS means HP and is the new Resilience. At this point I have to ask/admit is resilience the same as soldier hp, just realised I actually don't know what the resilience stat is, wow. There seems to be a pretty good consensus as to the things we'd like. A link to the drop-ship from the soldier equip screen: Max_Caine, a shortcut from the soldier equip screen would seem entirely appropriate, since its literally right behind your guys looking at you in the background An indication of current soldier health, a colour health bar somewhere, on the new ui underneath the soldiers name or at the top of the stats bars would seem best - http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/7_SoldierEquip_1610.jpg Roles need to be indicated on Baracks screen - http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/5_Barracks_1610_2.jpg another column next to the right of bravery? And also be better implemented in the dropship screen something like what Gauddlike said with regards role display, or perhaps just replace weapon name to the role badge.
  3. Thanks Gauddlike for the links. I should have known this issue had been hashed over before. Anyway, well i guess that's the way its going to be, in the end I can just accept that aspect of gameplay because that's just how this game works. For anyone reading this who was wondering about this like me. Check out this link by Gauddlike first page cleared it up for me, although instinctively my thoughts on this mirror Gudadantza, highlighted. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/2828-Three-basic-graphical-features?highlight=lean+corner Gauddlike Post -The extra sprites required to animate a small position change would make it very unlikely to happen. If by watching corners you mean being able to lean around them to fire without putting themselves in danger that has already been ruled out. It was thought to limit risk without adding enough to balance it out. Gudadantza post -Yes, that was what I mean. Ok, It is a shame to hear that. My point of view is that the implementation of flexible and intuitive actions like looking around a corner create immersion and realism in a game like this. But the design choosings are inevitable. MaxCaine post -The nature of a turn-based system works against such a system as you propose. In a real-time game, a squaddie poking his head arond a corner takes a specific amount of time, in which time the opponent can respond simultaneously. But in a turn-based system, the degree of response is necessarily limited to a (possibly small) percent chance for a reaction. Too little risk, for too much reward.
  4. Okay one of the big problems for me at the moment is that you can position your Xenonaught on the corner of a building and he will not be able to fire around it. Corners cant really be used as cover as you cant fire at anything at less than a 45 degree angle assuming the soldier is facing towards north (0 degrees). Hopefully you understand what I mean, i was wondering if there is any chance of this changing or if it is, as i suspect, a limitation of the engine. In this regard it would really suck, it is actually restricting strategic movement and placement by its LOS calculations. I cant use the edge of a building as cover, since i cannot return fire without stepping out from the building and risking reaction fire. Could a "cheat LOS" be patched around this, mabye even (looks up the gods) a small animation of the soldier leaning around the corner to fire the shot (otherwise you might get a weird looking clipping issue).
  5. At the moment there are two screens for soldiers. General recruitment and Outfitting. This system has some serious problems. Its clunky as hell. Probably this is to do with importing the basic screens from the original version. Personally I think both screens could be combined, although its probably too late for that, so duplicating info between sceens would seem to be the way to go. Data available on one tab isnt available on the other. You cant tell a soldiers damage on the outfitting screen? why not, why should i have to check one tab to see if they are in fact healthy or injured then refer back to the outfitting screen to see if a current soldier is worth replacing. I ususally decide wether or not to take one soldier over another based on what role they are good at (ie sniper/heavy support). This information is not available on the general recruitment screen. Also max HP info doesnt seem to be available anywhere (i may be wrong). Also a shortcut to the Dropship layout screen from either or both soldier screens would be useful and I'd be very happy if it was implemented. Again digging around in another tab and sub tab to do this is clunky! So clarification of where I'm going wrong would be appreciated as well as comments from others that this is an issue/or not for them would be great Thanks Alex
  6. I've read some of the previous pages and can understand the arguments for and against customisation. However although i'd like complete customisation I'd settle for being able to choose portraits. For me that and a name are the most important!
  7. Simple really, when i suffer bleeding damage the little pop-message which alerts me to this fact always shows the soldiers original name (callsign) not the one I replaced it. In my game although Owen Wilson does seem to be a chronic Haemophilliac. Blain (the guy from Predator in whose honour i renamed Owen Wilson) aint got time to bleed!!
  8. I would like to add my +1 to this issue same as Caine. Disappearing gear
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