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Found 9 results

  1. Here is a list of things that are need to be fixed. 1. Vehicles need their time units restored. One shot per turn with hunters sucks. My tanks wind up being scouts that get killed every mission because by the time I can see an alien I'm out of TP and killed on the aliens turn. You pretty much cant Move and shoot in the same turn. 2. Bring back the Riot shield at new game. The stun rod is now useless because you cant get that close to Aliens without a shield. I used to have a soldier carry 2 riot shields and lob C4 packs or use 2 shields and then smack the aliens with the stun rod. 3. Change the money system back to the way it was On my current play through I'm dead broke. I have 1 base, and I don't have any money to by any upgrades. I cant shoot down anything other than small ships. Payroll is killing me each month. $200,000 for an extra lab is crazy. 4. Bring back the floating Damage indicators I have no idea of how much or how little I hurt an alien, or if my soldiers took a bad hit or a baby hit. 5. Reduce cost of Hunter tanks back to $50,000 I always have 3 hunters for when my base gets attacked, but $100,000 a piece bankrupted me. 6. More small or very small alien ships needed I cant afford ship upgrades and the only ships spawning are large or heavy fighters. Add in more small ships like it was before, so I can do some missions earn money and pick up items to sell. 7. Electric shock grenades still do nothing I hit an Android with 3 shock grenades, nothing and blasted my guys to pieces on the follow up round. 8. Frag Grenades and Alemium grenades got nerffed too much I'm carrying 40% Smoke grenades, 40% stun grenades, and 20% actually grenades - Fine if your fighting organics, but I had a mission with all Androids, and I got ripped to pieces. 9. Alien shotgun no sound and insane distance. The Alien "Shotgun" shoots halfway across the map with a huge spread - its not even close to fair. 10. Aliens Line of Sight needs a major nerf ASAP. I have to send my Hunter tank in as a scout just to find aliens, and then it gets ripped to pieces. 11. Aliens are shooting right through my smoke grenades Ridiculously unfair - it almost seems broken. Things I like and should stay: 1. Stun grenades and Stun rockets power boost. 2. Selling new items for cash. 3. Allied ground forces in Terror missions actually kill aliens ! 4. Increased grenade range !
  2. I have played for 3 months until dec 79(veteran difficulty) and i have some impressions to expose.. 1)pistols?pointless?why can i use a pistol when additional clips(for a standard weapon)weight less?and in undoubtedly more useful? 2)cash..for me the cash earned from the nation's founding is really too low..damn i have shooted down 10's of ufo's and build 2 bases(USSR,USA)and almost all have cutted down the foundings.. at the first of the month,after paid the unkeep and maintenance i have only 52k...and retake the nations after leaves the contribute to the fight with a mission specified or something like.. 3)the flashbang granades can confuse the enemy or drop their weapons force to retrat or consume their TU's?i find that quite useless at the time.. 4)smoke granades more effective because for now the chilling precision of the aliens is quite frustrating.. 5)implement from the beginnings soviet weapons without moddings for increased deepness of the game? 6)can exist flamethrowers?it would be great in assaulting ufo's and in close combat fights like the farm roads and buildings 7)armoured cars for me is only a better target for the alien's heavy plasma..if special abilities like throwing smoke or flares are implemented the utility of such expensive vehicle would greatly enhanced 8)less the cost of TU's for throwing flares and fix a max per soldier?implementing nightvision googles?or a massive airdrop of flares in the fight's area? 9)diminish the maintenance costs? 10)implementing chemical and incendiary granades\rockets? 11)the precision and sight range of the aliens is really chilling..i have lost many soldiers to shots fired from sideral distances greatly over any possible sight range..especially in night missions or even through deep smoke curtails.. 12)the aliens thrown granades? this is only a my personal feelings..the game after all is quite balanced but some questions would help to make a more funny and realistic game.. thanks
  3. Grenades How do you use them? Sometimes I can & sometimes I cannot. Also what does it mean if your target has an ammo clip on the sight helix(besides the fact that you cannot fire? There are two sorts of combat First Aid: what you carry yourself like everyone else: usually compressed pressure bandages etc and what carried by the Medics. Surely Xenonauts can give everyone a small healing agent a la that in UFO ET? MGun users should have a choice as most are capable of selective fire ie single, cluster of three or burst and so far mine has done nothing as he cannot move any distance or he loses burst fire and so is never there. Also a sniper can fire his rifle (especially if an autoloader) from the hip and it CAN be used in close combat and again especially if it has even a limited burst capacity. Flares are totally useless as they extend your visual range by so little they are a waste of effort. Any Heat detectors or movement detectors in the works? Yes I know that some are reptilian but not ALL reptiles were cold blooded and if these guys are then I will be surprised otherwise they will have lie in the sun for a hours to recharge. Last comment: most of my squad are at lieutenant level and still have the SAME accuracy that they did as rookies so what is the POINT of experience as this was a MUST in all other such games.(eg in UFO ET, Aftermath and the old UFO XCOM anyone who couldn't shoot was stacked with grenades and used as decoys(ie sacrificed) as accuracy is the primary skill followed by movement allowance. BTW I hate a squad full of officers and would rather a non UFO different ranking as in the WarCom mod for UFO enemy Unknown. Rookie, Priv 2, Priv 1, Corp 2, corp 1, Sergeant 2 then 1, then 0 (RSM) or lieutenant 2, then the usual officer rank ascent. I remember in TFTD when my whole winning team were Colonels which I thought was a bit of a joke but they were my best so...(yes I had lost a lot of men in that game and finished with near 140 troops IIRC although it could have been just 100 with dismissals if I did do that.
  4. I'm currently off visiting my family on a ten day mini-holiday. The internet isn't great here so I'm not going to be releasing any major new builds until I'm back home (which will be a week today), but I'll continue to package up the latest fixes so we can give them a trial run before updating Desura. It's helpful if you guys keep reporting bugs in this build, as work shouldn't grind to a halt on Xenonauts despite me being away. On the programming side of things, being able to assign the coding team bugs is a nice easy way to keep everyone busy and keep improving the game without requiring too much input from me. So, hotfix #2 for Build V18 is here. This requires V18 to work and includes Hotfix #1 too. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18hotfix2.zip To use it, just unzip the file into the /xenonauts/ directory and overwrite the files. CHANGELOG: All fixes from V18 Hotfix 1 Hopefully the aliens shooting through solid walls issue should be fixed Hopefully the invisible civilian issue should be fixed UFO walls and floors should no longer disappear on loading a save game Landing ships should no longer sometimes be empty when shot down The two auto-generated crash sites in the first week should no longer be empty There should be less freezes in the Hidden Movement screen The Chinook range has been extended a bit, so hopefully it now should have global range You can no longer "scan" a UFO with the crosshair to reveal aliens inside it from outside Incendiary damage (most explosives except grenades deal incendiary damage) now do double damage against terrain, but normal damage against units...so rockets are better at clearing terrain now! Let me know how it works and report any major bugs you find in it please!
  5. Or more specifically, the v18 beta candidate, dear America... ekhem, I mean dear beta-subscribers and developers. I've downloaded it, played a couple of missions (2? Because the pregenerated crashed ufo reports were upopulated one-turners). There are some things that I need to share with all of you. The things I liked: The look and feel of geoscape. Map instead of globe was a surprise, but a cat is fine too. The base UI is quite nice. It needs some improvements though - I mean, why the hell are all scientists/technicians not added to new project immediately? There should be at least an option/checkbox. The things I didn't like and should be reworked/changed in the final release: Flat maps. Seriously, you really shouldn't do a remake that's actualy worse than the original! Lack of cover on the maps - the maps are flat AND empty. That's a big no-no for a game that gives big defense bonuses for cover and a big aesthetic issue. By no means I want you to do another cover-system-shooter like XCOM:EU - just make it good. As there is no map rotation, the soldiers hidden behind obstacles (Chinook) are invisible. You should at least add some kind of transparency "bubble" for them - classic Fallout style. The battle intreface needs some major rework. Why the hell can I not select "spend all AP on aiming" from the weapon menu? Why there's no running option for soldiers? As it's a turn-only game, there should be an option to let your soldiers move/flank faster - with some drawbacks as decreased accuracy/spot/sight range. The kneeling/prone option should also be independent from movement for ergonomics sake - if I tell my soldier to run from cover to cover, he should automatically stand up, dash, and then go prone behind cover. There's a lots of space on the UI for such switches. The things that I'd suggest: Make ingame vehicles manned - it would be nice to have drivers gain experience and drive/pilot them even better in time. In the original (and the remakes) they're just a cheap Chryssalid baits as soon as your soldiers gain some experience and/or psi skills. Make smaller UFOs more prone to destruction instead of crashing, as new aircraft weapons are developed or at least add (researchable?) option like "aim for the reactor" to interceptor attack menu. I'd rather see severely reduced income/loot from scavenging destroyed wrecks (freelance agents option? letting the country that got crashed UFO share most/some of the loot based on country/x-com diplomacy rating?) than purposely shooting smaller ships into the sea or going through 800-th boring scout mission just to avoid the drop in ratings. I've dropped the UFO: Extraterrestrials after it began spawning massive fleets of ships and my geoscape looked like a face of a 14-year old with severe hormonal problems. Storage space on the transport ship - it should be reasonably weight constrained, but neverthless it's needed there. More to come
  6. Hey new user here So i was wondering if Xenonauts was playable to the "end" with some annoying bugs here and there, missing some research etc or is it completly not even near ready for a playthrough like that yet?
  7. So while at work I was thinking about Xenonauts and V18, and rather than scatter them around the boards in 3-4 different threads I'll collect them all here for perusal. WARNING: May be rambling. The cross map shooting is problematic. I can understand the reasoning behind it, and its a good change, but depending on how the AI actually calculates hit chances maybe have it decide not to shoot if hit chance is under 5%? Would cut down on the AI using autofire so damn much too, and when it does, it would be much more unpleasant. Would stop the whole "plasma volleys across the map" bastardry, since attrition does not work in the players favour. Progression/escalation. Might look towards spreading it out more? I have no idea if there is actually any difference between the difficulties atm, so this would be for Normal diff, with the higher difficulties increasing wave frequency OR size by say, 20%? So easy would be 20% slower/smaller, Vet at 20% faster/higher and Super at 40% of Nomal. Or maybe mixing them up so the waves come slower in easy, faster in Vet, and faster AND larger in Super. Risk reward plays a part here since having more ships in the higher difficulties would make the game somewhat easier if you can keep up without losses due to all the resources and income from the crash sites. Tangent over, so the first 2 weeks would be Light Scouts, next 2 weeks or month of Scouts with Fighters appearing near the end, then a month or 2 (or 3!) of Corvettes with Heavy Fighters escorting them near the end as well as running their own missions. Why so long with Corvettes? Expansion. This phase would be the meat of the early game where you get the income and resources for getting new bases up and equipping them, not to mention the new interceptors to deal with the Heavy Fighters. Its a kind of 'breather episode' before the spike on Landing Ships. Could have multiple breather zones to let the player get comfortable with the next tier. Dunno, suggestion. Heavy plasma and terror missions would start showing up around the middle of the Corvette era. Problem with this is the tech speed. I was keeping up techwise with only 15 scientists (couldn't build much of it, but cest la vie). Might be a touch fast, especially if the escalation was slowed down. Would need testing, but maybe 50% increase? Resources. Might look at increasing the alloys per ship, since they aren't worth much for sale, so even if it was doubled its not much overall for the early ships. Maybe just 50% increase. Suit of Wolf per Scout? I think that's right, if you include the cash from the alien weapons. And with the extra alloys would let players sell some if they're doing well, as well as outfit a second team, or third if doing well enough. I think the actual income per ship is good, but maybe increase the price point of Alenium to 3 to 5k? Make a bigger point of selling or using. You get a constant trickle of Alenium every mission after the tech is researched. So its a kind of secondary income stream that might bite you in the ass come mid- and end-game.. Not to mention if you really balls up you can dump your alenium (keep typing elerium) stocks for a last gasp. Having more cover on the maps would be nice. But group them up, say like 3 rocks in a little flattened triangle. You could advance from cover site to cover site, but it risks grenade attacks. With lone cover around as well. Dead cows as cover in farm fields? Along with wheelbarrows, packing bins, etc. Would be pretty macabre to have cover for a terror map including a pile of death civvies or a wrecked tank turret. Snowmobiles in tundra, with an inherent risk of explosion. And dead bears I guess. Depends how indiscriminate the aliens are with their killing. Tundra seems about right, but there's a lack of rocks amongst the trees. Good cover overall, but your firing lines could be blocked, and trying to dig an alien out of there would be fun. Fighting among a scattered field of boulders would be good too, if it covers a whole map section. Give assault troops a good, if risky, workout. One of the town maps is a nice example with all the packing crates and stacks of barrels. Aliens don't go in there though. Its the one with the field of cover items to the left of the chinook with the ship to the northwest in a walled enclosure. Burned-out wreck of a car in a street would be nice to see as well. Orchards were great in the first X-com. Lost alot of troopers in there. I nuke them now. What is marked as cover is pretty erratic atm though. Some bushes are cover, some aren't. Cars are cover, but only from inside or something. Had a little splurge of ideas for alien squad behaviour in the V18 balance thread. Caesans use scouts ahead of a squad with rifles (making use of their good eyesight and ranged preference), Sebillians advance as a squad with no scouts, and try to get close (if they had reduced sight range compared to Caesans it would fit, as well as making use of their toughness). Androns move in tiny groups or alone (toughness and heavy weapons). Various terror units support the main troops in their preference (scouts/muscle/support respectively). Got the idea for Caesans from fighting Caesans from a Cruiser. They basically did exactly what I mentioned and it was nasty as heck, especially since most were armed with HP. Frontal assault was a bad idea. If you've made it this far, add your own ideas and opinions on my ideas. Mandibular Fossa!
  8. This is just a small hotfix that fixes a number of bugs in the game courtesy of our ground combat coder and some work from Giovanni. To use it, just replace your existing Xenonauts.exe with the one in the archive file and then replace the existing vehicles.xml in /assets/ with the one in the folder too. If you downloaded the game via the Desura client you do not need this! Archive here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/V18hotfix.rar The fixed bugs are: Aliens should no longer spawn inside solid objects. Scimitar is now correctly a 3x3 vehicle instead of 4x4. CTD when you walk through smoke is removed. Grenade throw mode no longer disappears when you mouseover an alien. Grenades should no longer occasionally just disappear when you try to throw them. The auto-generated crashsites now no longer make the radar ranges on the Geoscape disappear. UFOs are a bit less aggressive now. Only the air superiority missions will actively try to shoot down your aircraft. When you click "Go To Aircraft / Vehicle" after you've built a new one, it now takes you to the specific unit just built rather than just to the general screen. Ctrl key is no longer incorrectly "sticky" on screens with quantity arrows, so they'll only max the quantity if you actually have Ctrl held when you press the button rather than having pressed it at any point before the click. We'll be working on other bugs for the remainder of the week, like the shooting through walls or spawning inside UFO walls (separate issue to them spawning in props), but that'll require updates to numerous files so that won't arrive publicly until we release V18.1. Enjoy.
  9. First pre-scripted crash UFO site is just a hundred miles out of my first base chinook range Grrrrr!
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