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Found 6 results

  1. I am personally bored to tears by the mind numbingly slow and dull ground combat that takes ages to finish, and the air combat is kind of neat but it could also get annoying after a while, so PLEASE add an option to auto resolve combats. You could have a percentage counter telling you the chances of the combat being successful, and the higher it is the less casualties you suffer and the more loot you recover. That way you can skip easy battles that you have a high chance of wiinning and concentrate on the really hard battles where your direct participation can be crucial to the outcome.
  2. Hi, I'm currently running the game in WINE on Linux as I wanted to install it via Steam (hopefully this won't be a problem soon) and hit the following bug. Whenever I autoresolve aerial combat and then click return to base or select another target, the game crashes to the desktop. I've attached WINE's backtrace in case it's useful. At the moment this is pretty game-breaking (as I'm crap at aerial combat ), I guess I should just wait until the proper Linux steam release anyway. backtrace.txt backtrace.txt
  3. An idea to make air combat less redundant: I like the auto resolve option but it often looses battles that a skilled player could win - this is not a problem, in fact it should work like that to encourage personal control, but what if we would give better chances to our fighters if they are combat veterans? The player would be encouraged to take personal control in disadvantageous situations since only then, the experience of a plane pilot would increase and its only effect would be to change the auto resolve parameters a bit in the players favor. This way the player would take control early on for new planes but leave the combat to the auto resolve if he knows it is win-able and has experienced pilots. Each plane would have a dedicated pilot that cannot be swapped so new planes would start from 0 experience and would have to be personally controlled in tight or evenly matched situations to gain over time (a single plane would max out in experience after 4-5 at least evenly matched missions that it has won). Visually it would also benefit the hangar screens where mostly not much is happening by placing pilot stats there (only background info to make it interesting and the single important metric: Experience next to a cool pilot IMG that could vary at least after plane types: Link This mechanic would also encourage players to combat enemy fighter squads, since those would be evenly matched to 3 planes adding 1 EXP to each of our planes when won besides the usual benefits (no money reduction, relation bonus and no harassment of planes).
  4. Why do we need an auto-resolve type option for Xenonauts? I'm currently on my 4th game that has entered the 3-4 month period. One thing I've noticed is that you tend to stop 'feeling like' doing the more mundane ground combat missions. Essentially you do need the money, but you really can't be bothered spending 30 or so minutes slaughtering aliens because you've got a bunch of elite troops. The game, past the 3 month period also goes through a very large slow down. If you have 2+ bases you start to intercept 3-4 UFOs a turn and the number of missions jumps up drastically. Some other kind of mechanic needs to take over the manual ground combat, at least on the easy missions. My proposed Auto-Reslove mechanic for ground missions Local forces can attempt to secure UFO crashes with the assistance of Xenonauts. Each time this happens, 0-3 (1 lead and 2 advisors) Xenonauts can be sent to assist & advise local forces, gaining experience. The option would only be availiable for the 'reletively' smaller UFOs. As the ticker increases more UFO's fall under this juristriction. The criteria for local forces wanting jurisdiction over an alien zone: Each UFO is assigned a second ticker value, after the ticker reaches this second value, that type of UFO is able to be auto-resolved via this mechanic The variables for the auto-resolve This non-playable mission would have several outcomes, determined by a few things. -Crew Strength of the downed UFO -Invasion progress inversely effecting the crew strength (eg low crew count in later invasion stages = easier mission) -Rank of the lead Xenonaut -Combined rank of the other 0-2 Xenonaut advisers -Relation with Country - Perhaps a new Variable for countries, relating to their ability to respond to the Alien invasion Essentially this would be an auto-resolve feature, but it would have a lot of perceived depth and wouldn't be a one button wonder. It would get the player to consider risk when auto-resolving and would encourage manual attacks on stronger crashed UFOs. Balancing: There is a few balance issues to consider; How much of the materials do the Xenonauts get What is the risk to Xenonaut advisers (officer should be next to none, but the lower tiers would be involved in fire teams) Do the Xenonauts get additional funding? Will auto-resolving have an impact on country relations? *important* Can fighters be auto-resolved? I'm for this, but I'd like to hear what other players think I think, for what is essentially a one line equation with some artwork, that this kind of auto-resolving feature is a low development solution that would significantly enhance the game. Feedback appreciated!
  5. Since my previous thread on this topic derailed and was basically just filled with back and forth arguing, i decided to make a poll to finally get to the bottom of this issue. Why would anyone want such a feature, some may ask? Maybe it's a really easy battle and you don't feel like wasting your energy on it, or maybe you just played 10 battles in a row and are tired of combat and want to play around some more on the geo-scape? Maybe you just shot down a lot of UFO's simultaneously, or the aliens decided to launch loads of terror missions, and you don't want to play so many battles in a row? Whatever your reason, i think an auto-resolve feature would be greatly appreciated by a majority of players. Sometimes you just don't want to play a particular battle for any number of reasons. And in those situations an auto-resolve feature would be really great. So, dear community, do you want an option to auto-resolve battles if you just can't be bothered to play a particular battle?
  6. I have a suggestion about the implementation of Automatic Ground Combat. In first X-Com it just pissed me off, when i had to attack small crashed UFO, because it was just a complete waste of time (The missions are long and there're just too many of them). Some newer UFO games like UFO Aftermath or Alien Invasion had some sort of automatic combat, so you didnt have to deal with theese easy but boring missions (Of course if you were too weak, you could just take the mission normally and win it with better tactics) In Aftermath you could send a backup team instead, and some time after that you would receive a msg if they were succesful or not. In AI it was your team, but the game just did a calculation of used amunition, loses, kills etc etc... I would really like to see on or the other in xenonauts for all those out there like me, who like the geoscope more then the actual ground combat.
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