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  1. Yep I go there too. The random European Island chains give you good coverage. The second base goes to the US
  2. Xcom-EU did a fairly good job of crash sites. Having some impact markings around the sites would be quite cool. Some easy ways to add a crash feel could be: Setting a nearby building on fire Cratering around the ship (it didn't feather touch, the reason it's in one piece is because the ship is so structurally advanced) Damaged objects in the internal (roughed up canisters ect) Setting the ship partially below ground to simulate heavy impact busting up the ships outer armour (scratching and some crumbled metal would be cool) Pieces of the ship lying around the map Some of them are a lot of work and generally the alien ship has managed to land soundly according to the descriptions. I don't know if the devs would want to commit the resources.
  3. I'm inclined to agree that what makes a fighter a fighter is it's cannon. Can I throw in a suggestion for the Corsair? The two ideas that leap to mind (for me) that would have the corsair valuable but not over the top. 1. Have two types of fighter cannons eg; Gatling Cannon Twin Gatling Cannon (The Torpedo equivalent of a cannon) Dedicated fighters would be more useful as their cannons are stronger vs interceptors. 2. Give the Corsair a single light missile Change the hard-points to the following; 2x Cannon on the left/right fuselage 1x Light Missile on the undercarriage. I think the second option is the most simple and effective to implement. 2 Corsairs would be able to get an easy kill on a fighter then turn on the remaining escort and finish it very quickly.
  4. I'm surprised to see people not bringing shotguns on Terror missions. My usual Shrike Loadout is: 2x Shields (Grenadiers) 2x Carbine (+ Stun Weapons) 2x Heavy (with a rocket launcher) 4x AR (W/ Medics & Grenades) 2x Snipers I'm only playing on Vet but I usually lose 1 Xeno on a terror mission average. I pair up a Carbine with a Shield and use them to clear buildings and for just about anything that would put a normal xeno in danger. The shields defence combined with the shotguns CC I usually have no problems indoors. As for getting whacked on terror missions. It's most likely your play style that's running you into trouble. Against sheer numbers suppression is the only way to go. My heavy weapons get about 0 kills on terror missions, as they are there are fired inefficiently into groups in order to suppress. Sometimes my Carbine troops don't ever get to equip their rifles as they are moving and throwing a stun grenade every turn. The only other thing I do that's successful on terror missions is right at the start. The first and second turns are usually passive for me. High TU soldiers get into good spots and drop smoke for the others to set up. If you think your going to get rushed, throw gas grenades in the general direction of the alien attack so they can't get close to you. So the three keys for people who don't like walls of text; Throw smoke and gas, then get set up behind heavy cover. Suppressing a group is more important then picking off one alien Be patient! Good luck - Remember its a good thing that Terror missions are difficult!!
  5. The ones you can purchase through the air tab in your HQ are also found in Aircraft.xml
  6. Looks like they both have 120hp. It's a pretty simple matter to double the assault shields. zero idea if the Assault shield blocks more often, I haven't come across those variables yet
  7. Oh good, I simply thought I was retarded and couldn't figure out how to jump with sentinel armour. Does the shield have HP? Also what does the upgraded shield do? Also, I'm totally trying this!
  8. For anyone that is interested. I whipped a sample table of autoresolving, it's very basic but it gives you an idea of what I was thinking
  9. I do like dynamic missions. I think these would be much better as bonus objectives that yield increased rewards.
  10. Is there any chance of boosting the flashbangs? they are so underpowered currently. It's a shame too!
  11. I've been tinkering with the files (using excell and notepad++) and I've got the hang of how most the files work. There is still a few items I'm unsure of and wether certain things are hard coded into the game: Buildings Where can I define functionality? eg if I wanted to make a new building, how can I give it the heal troops, living quarter or hangar properties Aircraft Can I make a new type of missile. I wanted another type of Chain Gun, but I'm unsure of how to get the game to recognize that there is a new slot type By type of chain gun, I mean I wanted 5 categories of weapons: Light Missile, Heavy Missile, Super Missile, Chain Gun, Hvy Chain Gun. Research I was tinkering with the idea of 'upgrading' a weapon type. The example is: Laser & Plasma weapons have more ammunition. The way I wanted to go about this: Create a new Laser Weapon (identical to the old one with more ammo) and have it over-write the old Laser Weapon. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?
  12. F-14: First flight 21 December 1970 Introduction 22 September 1974 F-15: First flight 27 July 1972 Introduction 9 January 1976 I'm not sure how these are unrealistic???
  13. I think Xeno is in a good place. It seems very accessible to create maps, which means in a few more months the number of maps will be extremely varied. The sub-map system is pretty interesting at the moment and with a bit more work you'll always feel your on a different battlefield. A couple of improvements I wouldn't mind seeing: Devastation - Chance for alien wreckage (% based on how damaged the UFO is) to destroy parts of the map and be it's own 'cover'. In addition to walls, cars, street clutter there could also be craters, wreckage (sometimes on fire) and escape pods. More building types - Urban combat is pretty thrilling. I wouldn't mind seeing more variations of buildings. This could be done in two ways: More buildings with same dimensions - buildings could essentially be swapped out at random for completely different types (it could be very flexible if the external carparks or streets could be included. As you could have varying sizes occupying the same building type) Building subsets - A few more internal layout changes. Before buildings get love we'll wait and see on all these fancy UI/AI improvements
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