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Found 3 results

  1. Was on a mission and put a "destroyed alien corpse" aka zombie into a backpack to raise up strength. And all the saves I loaded with it still in his pack caused a crash to desktop. I can complete the mission and make saves, but loading any save with it in inventory will cause a CTD when loading savegame. Other than this bug I haven't had any corrupted saves since beta, you guys have done an amazing job.
  2. I know this is crazy and will most likely will not be implemented, but imagine this. After countless missions your squad has managed to keep a few of the original members and you have a few favorites, but disaster strikes! Your favorite team member takes a grenade to the face and dies and takes with him all of his skills and experiences. But there could be a solution. Thanks to the advances in science and stolen alien technology cryogenics has been perfected and the body can be frozen in a cryo-lab. Once there with the addition robotic parts you get your favorite soldier back as CYBORG ZOMBIE. This new creature would be more durable and accurate than normal soldiers but would be easily mind controlled by aliens also, once the cyborg dies it dies for good thanks to deterioration of brain tissue. requirements to create CYBORG ZOMBIES: 1:research in cryonics 2:research in robotics 3: A rare alien material used to create a cryogenic tank 4:robotics 5: A human corpse 6: A large sum of money Advantages: Increased Durability Increased Accuracy More AP Cannot bleed to death Disadvantages Cannot level Up Little resistance to mind control Weakness twards certain high powered weapons
  3. Who doesn't love zombies? I mean, how can you not? They always come to you with open arms, and a wide, toothy grin! Better yet, they never give up on trying to give you that 'special' hug you so deserve. I'm posting this here because earlier this year I created a Zombie D&D game (The Dead and the Damned). Not just regular D&D with zombies, but set in the modern world, where zombies run rampart and the characters must struggle to survive. Based of D&D 3.5, as well as 'The zombie hunters' web comic, and pretty much any other inspiration I could think of, I think I had a lot of the rules etc. down packed. However, while the basis of the game was there, it didn't have much of the story fleshed out, and only a few locations etc. (think dungeons), and characters, enemies, etc. So basically I have the rules, but none of the stuff that actually lets you play the game. So I was wondering if anyone here plays, and if they would be keen at all with helping me finish off the game. I in turn would then allow anyone who helped to use the rules and the game that we all collaborated on. I should also state, for the record, I have had no permission given to me from either D&D, the webcomic, or any other inspirations to use their ideas, as I intended it for personal use only. Therefor, if anyone does want to help with this, you would have to make sure that you do not try to profit from it in any way. So yeah, let me know if you're keen, and when I'm home in December I'll see about passing on the files I have!
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