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  1. I know this is crazy and will most likely will not be implemented, but imagine this. After countless missions your squad has managed to keep a few of the original members and you have a few favorites, but disaster strikes! Your favorite team member takes a grenade to the face and dies and takes with him all of his skills and experiences. But there could be a solution. Thanks to the advances in science and stolen alien technology cryogenics has been perfected and the body can be frozen in a cryo-lab. Once there with the addition robotic parts you get your favorite soldier back as CYBORG ZOMBIE. This new creature would be more durable and accurate than normal soldiers but would be easily mind controlled by aliens also, once the cyborg dies it dies for good thanks to deterioration of brain tissue. requirements to create CYBORG ZOMBIES: 1:research in cryonics 2:research in robotics 3: A rare alien material used to create a cryogenic tank 4:robotics 5: A human corpse 6: A large sum of money Advantages: Increased Durability Increased Accuracy More AP Cannot bleed to death Disadvantages Cannot level Up Little resistance to mind control Weakness twards certain high powered weapons
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