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Found 7 results

  1. In one of the farm maps there is a building type (a stable, I think) with large "windows" that are so large you can easily fit your Xenonaut soldiers through them, and seem to be designed with the intent that the player can vault through them. Unfortunately however, the player cannot, and it seems like a bug. See Attached photo: Steps to reproduce: 1) Load into battles until at a farm map with the building tiles seen in the photo (a stable?). 2) Notice that the building has VERY large windows and fairly low cover, enough that they seem intended for the player to vault through them. 3) Attempt to vault through these large "windows". 4) Notice that this does not work, and you feel sad and cheated. Suggestions to fix: Make those windows vault-able!
  2. No real new 3D /sprites are required, I think... Just maybe do a frame or two of the vaulting pose? High AP cost (and vulnerability, if the engine calculates that sort of thing), but give the ability to climb out a window.
  3. I searched for this and nothing came up so... Crawling through windows: basically my ideal would be to make windows kinda like barriers, where you can jump over them. I think the only extra thing needed would be a code check on whether or not the window has been destroyed. should be a pretty easy to add feature and also makes sense. why do I have to walk 20 grids to the door when I can just jump through this broken window* I guess the best way to balance it out would be to make it require a fairly decent amount of action points. how does anyone else feel about this?
  4. I have a suggestion, not sure how difficult it would be to implement (I think not too hard?) Can we have the Engagement Screen on the Geoscape as a layer on top of the map so that it can be dragged around. Its obviously not essential and not worth doing if it takes more than a few hours to implement but it would add to the overall polished feel of the game if you could move it into a less obtrusive position. Some of us like to be able to see the location/country in which we are fighting.
  5. Okay, so I know my rookies have horrible aim and I understand why. That's not a problem. Except when I just want them to knock down a wall segment or window for me, and they're standing one or two tiles away, and they hit the floor, nearby walls, anything but what they're meant to hit. So my humble suggestion is: please give my soldiers an accuracy bonus when attempting to shoot out a wall or window they're standing right next to. In my view, they should have nearly 100% accuracy when doing this, because as it is I find myself wasting tonnes of ammo to hit, litterally, the side of a barn. While standing less than a metre away .
  6. So, I'm curious as to how other people feel about taking cover in buildings and using windows as firing positions in Xenonauts? I remember in UFO:EU, a favourite tactic of mine was to storm a nearby building and fortify it, letting the aliens come to me to an extent. The building seemed to offer a great degree of protection, and setting soldiers up to reaction fire from windows as aliens entered their LOS was pretty exciting. In Xenonauts, I can't put my finger on why, but I feel as if being in a building actually hinders me more than anything else. The LOS through windows seems unclear and a little wonky, having to shoot the glass out before you can make a shot is a pain as your trooper often misses...and firing through a window seems to negatively affect your soldiers accuracy, which is completely unintuitive (firing through it from point blank, not squeezing a shot through it from a few tiles away). Are there any planned changes to their implementation? I'm not sure if these are classed as balance changes, so maybe they'll come later, but I'd personally like to see: - Visible indicators of LOS your soldiers will have through each window - Windows providing a higher cover bonus than most objects for a unit positioned adjacent to it - The current issue of windows you're firing from negatively affecting your shot being removed - A suppression penalty, so units positioned firing out of windows are actually easier to suppress (representing units outside 'buttoning up' the building to allow assault units to close in and giving a disadvantage to balance things out - Sturdier walls, especially with regard to ballistic weapons (a rifle shouldn't really be able to destroy walls at all. Give explosives a niche role) - 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor windows giving some kind of bonus to a shooter (range? accuracy? LOS?) I just think making buildings more appealing to control will open up a range of options for the player. When you land and scout the map, finding a 3 story building with good fields of fire would be a real bonus, and a priority target area to take and hold. Also, if the AI is smart enough to recognise these benefits too, the thought of having to breach and deal with an alien sniper firing on your troops seems pretty cool to me.
  7. Hello, I did try to find this topic somewhere, so if it has already been brought up, I'm sorry to do so again. Loving how the game is coming along so far and looking forward to seeing how it ends up. I really really don't like the way shooting through windows works in the game right now. I saw an alien through a window the other day (about 6-8 tiles away) and it took two shotgun shells to break the window while trying to kill it. Of course then I was out of AP and had to wait a turn before getting another chance. The alien actually turned around and got a shot off through the now broken window during his turn. In that instance my dude didn't get hit, but the whole thing felt really silly. I'm not going to tout realism in a game based on aliens, but windows don't feel right in the game currently. I feel like I got the jump on the alien but couldn't do anything about it. Am I alone in the opinion that store windows shouldn't stop bullets? Thanks for reading! -R
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