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Found 5 results

  1. Is the client available via Steam the most recent build? If so, when new patches/builds are released, will they be made available via steam? I ask because this is a great game, but due to bugs is unplayable (every save = CTD) so keen to play again when that's fixed.
  2. I used to frequent these forums on an hourly basis, waiting oh so patiently for beta to happen and to have more to do within the game. Somewhat fortunately my mind convinced me to forget about the game and just wait a while. I heard someone mention the game today whilst i was taking a train journey. It set me off thinking.. "Hey.. didn't i buy that game?" well, i downloaded Desura again and i'm so pleased that i did indeed pre-order it! On Desura, the game is still listed as "Xenonauts Alpha", is it safe to presume that's just a small error and that the 4.5 gb download is indeed up to date?
  3. I checked the bug reports threads and many problems refer to v15.1... However, the download link below, when extracted and run, identifies itself as v14.1 - though the rar file name is v15 http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts/download file: v15.rarmd5: f5e5c420545625eb6193ee799ebdc29f Furthermore, there seem to be a few XML fixes out there - chinook and farms, specifically - but there's no compiled list of "recommended downloads" - so one is left to dig through bug reports to (hopefully) find the posts which refer to these fixes. So, my question is: How do I get the "most recent release binaries with most recent fixes" without digging through hundreds of forum posts?
  4. Let Goldhawk know which version of Mac OSX you are using. Interested to see if anyone still uses Tiger or PPC.
  5. I just pre-ordered the game and downloaded it using Desura. i think im playing v8 though there seems to be a lot of bugs that have been fixed in the game, and when i load it up it says v8 rather than v8.3. 1st impressions are still amazing though.
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