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Found 5 results

  1. I started this game in V1.07, and got to the point where I could build Valkyrie dropships. I built the Valkyrie and attempted to assault a crashed UFO. When the Ground Combat loading screen reaches 10% the game freezes and must be killed with Task Manager. I tried again with V1.08, and no difference. With V1.08HF, now the game immediately crashes to desktop when the ground combat loading screen reaches 10%. Please find the associated save file attached. Thanks. Geoscape.sav Geoscape.sav
  2. So I started a mission with the scimitar tank with a plasma cannon in a (Valkyrie? 3rd dropship) and it is invisible. I can select it, move it around, and shoot things with it, I just can't see it. I attached the save file and a few screenshots of what I see. Golnor Battle.sav Golnor Battle.sav
  3. I got a big problem with the deplomyent when using Valikyrie. My team get slaguhtered in the hiddenmovement in the free trun the ailen get after deplomyent. My suggestion is to make the Valikyrie deployment like the deployment when you attack an ailenbase so you can make the turn befor the ailen make their move. No other dropship have this drawback. Now i have to go back to an older saving so i can get my older Shriker back and not get slaguhtered before turn 1. Or is this a bug?
  4. why the heck is it so big? i opened it up via sub-map editor and it's a big 30x30 block with only the center 6x6 block actually being used..... anyone know why this is? is gold-hawk going to be making a ship within that 30x30 area. from lore the valkyrie can deploy soldiers to the battlefield via drop-pod. so my only conclusion is it's nothing but wasted space. i'm debating just editing the spectres to fix this( resize the spectre ) or just place the big 30x30 block partially offmap(which works with spawning btw.. just as long as the 6x6 square isn't in no-mans-land ) Thoughts?
  5. Dislike this intensely. I get to 'place' my troops i.e. get the first go, then there's hidden movement (and I usually end up with dead troops). Ignoring bad placement and the number of troops you can take, what exactly is the benefit of this plane? Currently with the others I get to go first and that's actually better than the option provided by the Valkyrie. In short, it sucks.
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