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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I received an info about a terror attack across the globe. That was far beyond the range of Condors, so I sent my poor Charlie without escort. The resut was easy to predict. 2/3 of my trained team perished and the attack resulted in a minor nuclear explosion, claiming some 30k lives. As I'm a Xenonauts newbie, there's a couple of questions about the incident: * The attack was within the radar range of my second base, where only intercepors resided. I guess that terror attacks are only detected if they happen within radar range. Am I right? * If so, do I have any chance of escorting Charlie for such distant missions, or I should assemble an assault team within every base? * How about unanswered terror missions? At the end of the month I got surprising funding increase from the attacked region, while a huge penalty appeared from another region where I left alien base to be. Does it mean that terror attacks are low-priority? * As I had my base already attacked twice, I'm just wondering what happens if aliens attack it with Charlie and the team being out?
  2. Hello, i love this game^^ But one Thing i dislike. Terror Missons my Problem was the Maps was to small and the Aliens was most of the time in one or two spots and i have one or two Massacres and done. 1)The Maps should be greater. 2) Like in old UFO the Aliens should spreaded over the Map (Civilians too) and in Buildings like Offices, Shops etc and i wish to have the old Problems: A Alien was near a Civilian and i must choose between a save attack for my Soldier or help the Civilian and Risk the life of my trooper. The old Feeling of a shock after i reached the third stage of a Building and get surprised from a Alien with zero Action Points left in a small Office there and know: Ok thats failed my Soldier is dead.^^ Nice game the first game after the old UFO that feels like UFO. mfg VN
  3. I just had a game where the Chinook was halfway across the ocean, running at best speed, and had to turn back. Right as it was getting back to base...the city was nuked. My troops could've handled it, the Chinook could have gone bingo and resupplied from friendly ground forces, but we had to abort. You can tell your interceptors to ignore the low fuel push, finish combat, and ditch--for the sake of one UFO--but you can't tell your dropshop to risk it all for the sake of an entire city. Suggestion: Pop up a box--ONLY when enroute to a terror mission, you wouldn't throw away your troops on just a regular landing--when the Chinook reaches 50% of its total range. "Commander, if we keep going--whether or not we make it to the city--we won't have enough fuel to make it back. If we push on and don't get there in TIME, I hope you have a SAR crew on standby." "Continue" / "Return to Base". If the player elects to continue and the nuke timer runs out: The dropship immediately turns around and heads to the closest base (if only one base, home base) until the fuel runs out, then it crashes. If this is over the sea...that's unfortunate. If it's over land, there's a chance of generating a crashed-dropship mission type--IF Xenonauts supports it. The country takes only half the usual financing penalty, because HQ did absolutely everything they could to get there in time, ending up sacrificing a squad of soldiers and a dropship...much, much more reassuring than "The bastards didn't even try!". If the player elects to continue and succeeds in the mission, temporarily give the dropship enough fuel to make it in a straight line back to the nearest base. It got there on fumes and favorable winds, it can get back in the same way. Apply a funding bonus. "They ran their equipment almost literally into the ground to get to us, thank $Deity they care." If the player elects to continue and is defeated, nothing changes. If the player elects to continue and aborts mission, treat it as a defeat. That dropship ain't moving, and the soldiers would probably be occupying the transport like the pilots in Blackhawk Down, trying to hold off the mobs until the bitter firey end. It just really stung having to see that 'you didn't get there in time' message when there was fuel (barely) to make it and time (barely) likewise. If players want to elevate the stakes--the entire squad against the clock / a funding bonus--that could be a valuable hard-choices option. What do you think, sirs?
  4. So...I was just trying out my first (short-lived) play-through of the demo yesterday, and things started going to crap pretty quickly. I kept asploding all of the enemy craft instead of forcing them to crash, and I was slow on the up-take as to how air combat worked, so I was burning through a lot of MiGs and F17s, which meant I was also burning through lots of cash. My base was on Crete, which gave me great coverage of Europe (including Iceland) and Northern Africa, as well as much of the Middle East. However, the alien presence in the western hemisphere was running rampant, completely unchecked, and eastern Asia was getting pounded. Ah well. Guess they shoulda given me more money so I could have made some bases! Anyway, after a good month of just getting embarrassed by the aliens, and maybe 2 months since my last ground mission occurred, a Terror Mission erupts in Cuba! Oh happy day, calloo, callay! Finally something I can send my troops to handle! Ah. Hold on. About 90% of the way there, my Chinook has to turn around because it's low on fuel. That sucks. So my questions are thus: are Terror Missions more likely to break out in areas of the world which are receiving no UFO defense, or is it random? Seeing as how Chinooks do have a limited flight range, at what point should I start thinking about building another base? I read an FAQ on X-Com suggesting that once you have a "spare" $4 million, that would be a good time to make another base. However, while many things in Xenonauts seem to translate directly from X-Com, it does seem like the Xenonauts budget is bit tighter than its predecessor. Considering that alien activity moves along happily whether you have a base in an area or not, it seems like the game should encourage (enable) us to expand. I understand why your funding decreases if you perform crappily, but perhaps early-game, countries which are getting a lot of alien attention would want to increase funding to try and entice the player to build a base in their area, and provide some protection? (And one other kind of throw-away thought I had was about alternate funding-sources. Perhaps the player could opt to sell alien tech to evil corporations for a great profit, but at the risk of those corporations making demands on the Xenonauts down the road. Probably too much trouble to implement for not enough reward, but I'm getting pretty desperate for cash, so...wishful thinking!)
  5. So I know that not all the things are in the game and I know Chris will work on this more. That being said... In my current game I just finished up a Terror Mission set in St Petersburg. I got wtf pwned for one basic reason. There was no cover on the map haha. It was just a huge, flat open grassy plain. I know Chris and crew will add in the random map features and all that but I wanted to bring this up in case anyone else sees a Terror Mission pop up during the "Play Full Demo" option. I'm not sure if it's just incomplete or bugged to appear this way so I put it in GD. What made it really tough is that the aliens could just one shot any of my troops (don't have better armor yet so...) but to kill one of them takes 2 - 4 guys using all their AP. I lost 3 guys just getting out of the Chinook. Basically - it was great! I really enjoyed it. Only 3 guys (and 1 NPC soldier) survived that mission out of 8 soldiers and 1 tank. I lost 33 nation rating points overall. Then I had to laugh more when after the geoscape loaded back up it says something like "The world hails the Xenonaut team as heroes after their defense of St Petersburg!" I was rolling I was laughing so much. I mean like EVERYONE died. Not to mention that for numerous turns all my "rookies" (I had just lost 4 guys - 3 in the hospital and one dead from a prior mission) anyway - the newbies spent the first 5 turns in a state of total panic as seasoned xenonauts and NPCs died all around in waves of fiery plasma. It was gloriously amusing!! It was like in Sathra's LP almost - the whole darn place was leveled and destroyed in the defense of that area and they said Good Job! I seriously.... it's just funny Anyway... continue on good forum goers! Have any of you had crazy things like this happen you? Feel free to share your tales.
  6. I didn't find any information about terror sites. Chris any plans for that? I remember that Terror Sites was one of the hardest and important missions in UFO. Had a decisive impact on the monthly funds. I'd really like to see it.
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