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Found 6 results

  1. It's the third week in January. I've just had the largest wave of UFOs yet. I'm about to take off for a terror mission, when I see a landing ship angling in towards my base. Sure enough, it's a base attack. Glad I held off, as several builds ago I had to defend with three injured soldiers. After the base attack, it's off to a landed Cruiser. Then it's off to a terror site in Kiev (I take on the UFO). As I'm returning I see that there's a landing in Canada. Do I have enough fuel? I surely do, and it's another Cruiser. While getting to the Cruiser my interceptors take down a UFO just over the border in the US. Alas, it's only a Heavy Fighter, but I would probably have had enough to get there too, had it been a crash site. That's probably the longest the Chinook has been up for me. Never mind all my posts about grenades. I really, really needed them all here. Note: I look out for the Base Attack just from experience with the game. In waves of UFOs it's going to catch out a number of players with a Chinook in the air. Now, if I didn't have a few spare soldiers that would be game over. Just something to think about.
  2. I've had a look through and no on has quite covered this precise mission, I apologies if this would be better fitted into another thread though. So I arrived at a terror mission to overwhelming Alien presence. I was able to kill a couple without loses, however my only option now is to try and rescue civvies by knocking them out and carrying them (don't know if this works as the rescue team got killed) which is when the thought hit me. Why not for terror missions only introduce a low AP cost command (or even simply proximity triggered retreat on easier difficulties) to tell civvies you've approached within a certain number of tiles to run to the chopper. That way you can grab the alien gear/corpses nearby and leg it while rescuing a small number of civvies. There is an issue of chopper weight but considering that they grab tonnes of loot each mission that would exceed a few civvies. Also, something has been bothering me about night terror mission and that is the lack of street and traffic lights at night, some buildings have mains power lights but all street lamps and other buildings have none. Perhaps low light (so no or even less effective than flares) emergency lighting in a super market or bank (maybe just the counter room?) since the bank I believe has the working lamps anyway. Some low ambient street lighting, or flickering lamps would add to polish and immersion of maps. Not sure how practical the second is, or of an easy way to implement beside remaking the maps. Unless it could be done through an updated tile-set to avoid remaking maps? Similar could be done for ambient sounds suggested elsewhere? Sorry if I'm not clued up on how the map maker works.
  3. I was playing a terror mission in newyork and there was an unusualy high number of friendly npcs (around 8 civilians and 3 soldiers) and a single reaper managed to infect 8 of them causing complete havoc, andvi thought it would be interesting if every few terror missions there was one with a large number of civilians and the only enemy was reapers.... they are probbly the most dangerous oponent in the game but you never see them in large enough numbers to be a real threat
  4. My first terror mission in October, in S America. There are black spaces where some of the buildings should be. It's not on all of the map, or even all the buildings, but on a few tiles. Possibly linked with 17.9 Desura version Ground texture problem, but it doesn't look the same, so posted it separately. No issues with units going outside the map or anything like that.
  5. This minor one was on previous builds, but since my search didn't find it I thought I'd bump it up. On selecting your starting base, going to close to a city (in my case Cairo) brings up an allocate aircraft screen, rather than an option to build a base there. Now it's possibly due to the use of cities for terror missions, but a mention of it could be made in any manual or FAQ as it's still a bit disconcerting when trying to place your first base.
  6. My troops were in Cairo, seeing the sights and being thumped by the aliens. In particular, I found that my standard 8 man load out was proving to be pretty ineffective in the two current build terror missions I had. For the third one, I changed things around and came home with only one wounded. My standard approach has been. x2 Shotguns. High resilience. x1 Machine gunners. x1 rocket launcher x3 Assault Rifles x1 Sniper (why not 2? no idea) I found that the large amounts of space with zero cover render short range weapons obsolete. So, the shotguns are now back up weapons and have been replaced with assault rifles. Likewise, lugging the rocket launcher around proves to be a chore and also accuracy seems to be an issue with it in my current squad. The machine gun accuracy seems less in this build, but it's pretty good for suppression. Jackal armour is now standard. On some UFO missions, I'll let the heavy support weapons go around in basic, just to be able to get the movement. But the terror missions are pretty lethal. Pistols remain useless (until assault shields?) The poor Hunter does what it can as a scout/suppressor before being invariably being taken out. So, I now have x2 Snipers x2 Machine Guns x4 Assault Rifles and they all have their place, which is something I find more in this game than it's predecessors. So, what does everyone else do in terror missions?
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