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Found 2 results

  1. As no doubt many of you have observed, there's been spambots everywhere over the past week or so. I am deleting the offending posts when they are reported, but new spam users keep appearing. It appears that they've managed to get around the security question I set a while ago, so I've changed that and it seems there are no more spambots registering. However there's quite a few accounts that were created before the question change over the past month or so that are being activated now and being used to post spam. There's not a lot I can do about that except ban them as they pop up and wait for them to run out of accounts. Please keep reporting the spam as it appears. Also, please stop responding to it if it's in another thread. Amusing as it may seem at the time, once the spam messages are deleted it just derails the thread. Keep calm, report the spam, and carry on.
  2. I have noticed a pretty large increase in spam here, I assume that the forum have gotten indexed and it's bots that search for standardized forums (vBulletin in this case) and makes spam bots on it... Can't remember but do the forum require email activation and does it have captcha for registration? These are probably the two features that would reduce these bots (a lot of stupid pointless boring work to clean out the forum from spam bots)
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