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Found 6 results

  1. The beta 0.2 has been unleashed onto the world! get it HERE Beta 0.2 changelog: - changed rocket launch sounds, removed spring trigger effect to allow faster ignition sound (was doing shenanigans ingame on short range rocket fires) - gave frag grenades some added ambience making the explosion sound with much more..errm...presence. -finished with the machinegun. 10 bullets burst. each bullet has 5 parts. that was 50 audio parts in total + 1 echo part at the end. This would not be possible without coffee for sure~ progress update 12/1/2015: - new air combat canon and missile launch sounds. - new reloading sounds for all vanila balistic weapons. - new firing sounds for all except the machinegun (it needs the most work since its bursts only and those are the hardest to make the way i do them...an no I didn't shoot up the neighboorhood to make those >_>; ). - new rocket launcher fire + explosions and new grenade exposions. - updated preview files to showcase new changes. Progress update 10/1/2015: - 1 new vehicle death explosion sound. - 1 new aircombat explosion sound. - 1 new aircombat crash sound. - 1 new flames sound. - changes in sounds and sounds_GC , renaming some sounds and assigning new ones. ( aimed to preserve the number of sounds and their use ingame rather than adding a bigger number of files, reason:not sure how much new stuff I can add so will be changing exsisting files for now .) work preview, switched to .ogg files since .WMA downgrades sound quality for some reason ( preview style: original sound followed by mod sound after some silence ) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rsljewrbay49t4x/AACDw8br9CXXXHkR53h5wEMJa?dl=0 next on the todo list: - finishing machinegun - more grenades - start work on wounded and dead sounds of humans
  2. So ,Phantra what is this mod about then? Well, this mod aims at Improving the sound effects and adding voiceovers to some of the actions/events happening in the game by replacing exsisting .ogg files or incorporating entirely new ones. All of the sounds currently in the mod have been extracted,compiled and build in the model of their xenonauts vanilla counterparts from bits and pieces by me. (current version original bits and pieces were taken from bf3 and bf4's massive arsenal of sounds. ) keep in mind: although I did my best to preserve the style of sounds of the original in the new files, some turned out utterly different. Beta 0.2 Release: - new balistic vanila weapon sounds . - new aircombat sounds for missiles and canons aswell as new a crash sound. - new vehicle death sound ~ - new flames sound. - new rocket launcher and frag grenade sounds. Plans for the future: - making new sounds for injury/death sounds of humans and maybe some of the aliens if i can manage to make them sound as they should. - changing footsteps/impacts/door stuff/etc. - new sounds for the rest of the vanilla weapons/items. - adding voiceovers to ground combat actions/events. How does one Install this mod? - step one, make backups of your sounds.xml and sounds_GC.xml aswell as sounds and sfx folders ... after that: - If you are getting this mod for a clean instalation of 1.06 you just need to extract the zip file into your xenonauts install folder. - if you have mods that modify the sounds.xml and/or sounds_gc.xml or have a newer version of those files (CE/patch etc) then: you would need to Install the sound files manualy + make changes to sounds and sounds_GC, the files that would need assingment in there would be: AirCrash.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to the sound played when a unit crashes in aircombat AirCombat_explosion.ogg -> in sounds.xml assigned to aircombat explosions VehicleDestroyed_1.ogg -> in sounds_GC.xml assigned to vehicle explosion *Currently it has been tested on version 1.06 of the game and in need of testing on other versions. Download Link here Discuss the mod + Idea's/requests here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12627-W-I-P-Sound-mod-%28non-music-sound-replecement-additions%29
  3. I was trying to add more sounds to the footsteps code for my xenonauts but it also changes the footstep sounds for the aliens although the aliens have their own designated code/files. Is it a bug? Perhaps the devs haven't got to linking the aliens to the right code. Does anybody know? Also, unlike any sounds, it seems like footstep sounds end right after the action is completed. Does anyone know how to get around that? Thanks for the help.
  4. People want it, and I am having a hard time finding a good sword sound (IE an unsheathing or swinging sound,) effect that isn't behind a money barricade. I am looking for suggestions for one that people would like to listen to as they hack down random fools in new york, because, apparently some sick people want to hack down fools in new york with an extremely fine bastard sword. A sentiment I cannot totally disagree with. In addition, I am inspired to make sound effects for the battle rifle firing, and am somewhat inspired by the Fallout 3 snipers firing sound. The major issue I have with this sound being it is copywritten. However, Finding a sound quite like the screeching of the metal in that rifle as it screams "You are a dick" to you so gloriously is quite difficult. Once again, If someone finds a sound effect that could potentially be turned into such a glorious sound, to be mixed into a good battle-rifle sound, I would be quite grateful. Edit: I will keep up my own search for it, but my own ineptitude in sound mixing means that I am both missing potential winner SFX, and that I am very bad at read describing sound as one would label a sound effect. I need just the sword sound, or three, and a...... Whatever is that underlayed, high pitched screech of the metal in the FO3 sniper rifle would be called. I will then mix the sounds with my own SFX (Be it rifle sounds I mix them with, or something else,) to get what you will hear in my mod. I will keep up my search, but... This is something that is not my expertise. Edit: I have two adequate battle rifle sounds now.
  5. I am sure this has been mentioned before but I can't find any trace of it in the forum so I will raise it again as I think its important. Please can we have sound effects for soldier (and aliens) walking through snow? Given that there are reasonable chances of getting snow maps now it makes sense for them to have their own sound effects. I'd also be tempted to request a further addition to snow maps: The sound of strong wind as a background sound effect. I think it is the only map type that currently lacks any character and some extra sound effects might do it. A more technical question. Is it possible to put noise sources on the maps? I'm talking about the sound of running water, the sound of wind rustling trees married to a specific point such that they only play when on screen? I am sure lots of isometric games have done this in the past but my specific example would be the Sudden Strike series. I won't argue the point any more for now as Chris might feel that any of these points are not within the scope for now.
  6. I lowered the volume on everything but during the "hidden movement" phase of the turn the sound effects are at default values. This isn't so bad unless there is gunfire which can be quite loud. Any ideas? Everything is vanilla aside from 2 map packs.
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