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Found 11 results

  1. The beta 0.2 has been unleashed onto the world! get it HERE Beta 0.2 changelog: - changed rocket launch sounds, removed spring trigger effect to allow faster ignition sound (was doing shenanigans ingame on short range rocket fires) - gave frag grenades some added ambience making the explosion sound with much more..errm...presence. -finished with the machinegun. 10 bullets burst. each bullet has 5 parts. that was 50 audio parts in total + 1 echo part at the end. This would not be possible without coffee for sure~ progress update 12/1/2015: - new air combat canon and missile launch sounds. - new reloading sounds for all vanila balistic weapons. - new firing sounds for all except the machinegun (it needs the most work since its bursts only and those are the hardest to make the way i do them...an no I didn't shoot up the neighboorhood to make those >_>; ). - new rocket launcher fire + explosions and new grenade exposions. - updated preview files to showcase new changes. Progress update 10/1/2015: - 1 new vehicle death explosion sound. - 1 new aircombat explosion sound. - 1 new aircombat crash sound. - 1 new flames sound. - changes in sounds and sounds_GC , renaming some sounds and assigning new ones. ( aimed to preserve the number of sounds and their use ingame rather than adding a bigger number of files, reason:not sure how much new stuff I can add so will be changing exsisting files for now .) work preview, switched to .ogg files since .WMA downgrades sound quality for some reason ( preview style: original sound followed by mod sound after some silence ) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rsljewrbay49t4x/AACDw8br9CXXXHkR53h5wEMJa?dl=0 next on the todo list: - finishing machinegun - more grenades - start work on wounded and dead sounds of humans
  2. Howdy! Big fan of the game, and also of the soundtrack. Coming up on a hundred hours, I thought it would be nice if there were more tracks in the mix to prevent frequent looping, so I set about to make some entirely new ones that could play alongside (and hopefully match the quality of) the originals. This is what I came up with, and I'm fairly proud of it! >> CLICK ME! DO IT! << This pack includes two new Geoscape songs, and three new daytime combat songs. Simply extract into your assets folder and voila.
  3. Although obviously not top on the priority list at this point, I think the game's atmosphere would benefit from some random, occassional ambient sound FX (distant scream, siren coming in/out, distant explosion, muffled bullhorn/PA chatter... and even some occasional animal sounds, like cows when on a farm). Just random and occasional, and distant, to give a sense of presence and atmosphere beyond the play area.
  4. Ive been playing Xenonauts for a week now...with no sound in ground combat. There are no footsteps, gunfire, etc. Of note, some sounds play -- doors opening and closing, for example -- but most are completely silent. Music is audible. I looked into the sound .xmls and made sure they referenced correctly. Then I went into the "audio" subfolder to locate the sound effects to test them. What is odd is that they are silent when testing them with Media Player Classic, also. They have the correct sizes, and the EQ shows the waveform while it should be playing, but there is no sound. I checked the door open and close files...those are audible. The vast majority of them are not, however, even when playing them in 3rd party software. I installed the Ogg Vorbis codec on a lark, and lo and behold you can hear them...but only in Windows Media Player. Not in anything else. After all this foolishness, I went back in game to see if something had changed. Still no sound effects for 95% of the GC triggers. I am confused. What is going on? I LOVE this game, but playing it with no sound fx is obviously crap. Any suggestions?
  5. I just noticed that even though I set the game sound FX volume lower, the sound FX during the Hidden Movement screen is still full volume. Is that a bug, or is it intentional? I'd like the sound FX volume to apply to those sounds as well, or (if they need to be separate), have a separate volume control for those.
  6. I just bought the Desura Beta version of Xenonauts a couple of days ago and I am having some irrtating problems with the sound. I just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing much louder sounds(and I mean ear-shattering) while in the Hidden Movement phase. Alien weapons firing, people screaming etc., it´s all much louder than when my team is walking around and firing their weapons. I have lowered the volume slider below the music slider(I forget what it´s called atm) and it only seems to lower the volume of everything EXCEPT the alien movement/firing etc.
  7. I can't be the only one who noticed the lack of impact in Xenonauts when bullets/projectiles hit their target, it feels like I'm shooting at an object, not a real being. Remember the standard encounter in UFO EU and see how visceral it feels? *choom* *splatch* *glurrk!* I only ask two things: 1: An "target hit" sound, like an organic sound for people, and a metallic one for robots. 2: Make the guns sound stronger, they sound like a bargain basement kids cap gun, make 'em roar like thunder!
  8. First post, so I found this by accident but it appears to be repeatable. 1. Select a soldier to move the maximum possible distance he is able. 2. Before he reaches the end, hit C to make him crouch and it should make a constant walking sound. At first I thought it caused a permanent walking sound, but if you un-crouch within the same turn it stops the sound (as the first time it happened, it went all the way through until the end of the battle). After a little more testing it seems that you can move that same soldier in the following turns and it will stop the sound as well. Another test also shows that it stacks, so you can have multiple soldiers move and then crouch and you will have the sound of multiple soldiers walking, until you move them again. (it can be pretty overpowering when you have a 10 soldiers all walking at once ) Bug: Constant walking sound if you crouch while soldier is walking to a destination Workaround: Move the soldier/un-crouch during any turn, or simply avoid it by crouching once you reach the destination.
  9. In the middle of hidden movement the sound started to loop with a half a sec interval while an alien was shooting at some civilians, happend at the transition to my 5'th round
  10. Well, the humans in-battle sprites don't fit at all with some of the scenery's style. And the aliens and civilians too. While they are a weirdish 3D type thing, MOST of the scenery is 2D. As for my idea, just sort of make it look less weird Sound: The aliens screech sounds odd, not bad, but odd. And it's really loud, but that may just be my computer.
  11. Hi, I was testing the last build yesterday and I feel a little "sad" when I noticed the absence of sounds, when marines/aliens get hit or die, when marines are going crazy or panic... like in X-COM. Are all sounds already in place or it's always in development ? I didn't seen any notes about this in the project status. Thank you
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