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    Gifty's Music Addon

    Thanks, you guys!
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    Gifty's Music Addon

    Howdy! Big fan of the game, and also of the soundtrack. Coming up on a hundred hours, I thought it would be nice if there were more tracks in the mix to prevent frequent looping, so I set about to make some entirely new ones that could play alongside (and hopefully match the quality of) the originals. This is what I came up with, and I'm fairly proud of it! >> CLICK ME! DO IT! << This pack includes two new Geoscape songs, and three new daytime combat songs. Simply extract into your assets folder and voila.
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    Gamespot review

    The weird thing to me is that if you have a regular old 2D game like this, it does seem like it's excluded from getting a top score, but if you make a faux-retro pixel art game that kind of stigma doesn't apply and you can very possibly get a 9. That said, I do think they gave an uncharacteristically good review on this game and they gave a very fair score.
  4. I'm getting consistent crashes every time one of my condors intercepts a light scout. It seems to be triggered by toggling autofire on the sidewinder missiles; from afar I can toggle without problems, but as soon as I'm in range, toggling either missile crashes the game. Here's a save seconds before the interception begins: https://www.mediafire.com/?1cdl60rf4rc8kdp For all I know, this bug might not be specific to light scouts, but the crashing makes progression a little more difficult so that's all I've had to opportunity to intercept so far.