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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I can't load any of these savefile. It's crash the game when it's load. Also I can't reload my rocketlauncher man before the file got corrupt. Thanks, > [ATTACH]3629[/ATTACH] > [ATTACH]3630[/ATTACH] Edit: After replayed the mission, before the crash circle, here new files, maybe you will find: > [ATTACH]3631[/ATTACH] > [ATTACH]3632[/ATTACH] > [ATTACH]3633[/ATTACH] I think it's crash when I try to purple smoke the officier of the map. temp2.sav temp4.sav 2.sav Crash.sav testbefore.sav temp2.sav temp4.sav 2.sav Crash.sav testbefore.sav
  2. What weapons are supposed to be usable with Predator Assault Armour? At first I was excited to research it, because it's effect on encumbrance would let me carry a rocket launcher as an extra weapon for my heavy weapon guys... but apparently it can't use a rocket launcher? That's a buzz kill. The Predator is supposed to be all about heavy weapons, so if the intention is that it can only use machine guns as opposed to all heavy weapons, then the descriptions ought to focus on that. As it is, the description gives a lot of hype to an attribute that basically does nothing but let fresh recruits with no strength carry extra batteries for their machine gun. Or, instead of revising the text, it could be allowed to use ALL heavy weapons. Because that's how it should be.
  3. Farm map. On near side of Map I fire an alenium rocket towards a Sebilian. There's a civilian very close by. The rocket obviously goes right for the civilian. There's the sound of an explosion, but the game freezes. Save game http://www.sendspace.com/file/emox2v
  4. Like the title implies, Here's a very easy fix that will take you all but 5 minutes to help balance out the troop carried Rocket Launcher. Simply make rockets weigh 5. Now you COULD by all means just load up all your troops with an extra rocket and drop them in the field for your launcher guy to use but that takes time and patience. And besides, patience and intuition should be rewarded in the field yes? I did this small change to my game a few patches ago and it feels about right. You'll have to make your shots count. Your rookie soldiers may even have to do some runs carrying too much weight to build up some strength before even bothering with the launcher. Although, you may want to increase effective range on it because armor is no longer an option. Well, at least until your soldiers are quite strong.
  5. After alenium or plasma weapons are discovered, it is not possible to change the default projectile of the rocket launcher. It always starts with the explosive rockets. It is not possible to change the rocket in the equip screen. If I select an alenium rocket, and try to load it in the rocket launcher (primary hand), the rocket will be put in the hand and the rocket launcher will go back into the inventory list. There is no way to load the alenium or plasma rocket as default in the equip screen.
  6. I was wondering how can I load the rocket launcher with the alenium rockets. After I discovered alenium rockets, I'd like to use them as the default projectile for rocket launchers. When I try to associate them to the rocket launcher in the equipment screen, the projectile is put in the hand slot, replacing the rocket launcher. Am I missing something here or is it not yet possible? Currently the first rocket fired in a ground combat mission is the default rocket, then I equip the alenium ones. It does not seem correct to me.
  7. Daytime mission in Britain Industrial Map Xenonaut coming out of main exit to chinook looks to fire Rocket Launcher. Rocket would hit edge of Chinook door at point blank. Game CTD.
  8. I tried to increase the magazine size of the rocket launcher, but it doesn't seem to be reflecting properly in GC. What could I have missed?
  9. Not sure if this has been answered already (should anyone ever start a question any other way?) but will the rocket launcher have backblast? Visually it looks like a SMAW, but I'm aware that doesn't translate into weapon specifics. As far as I can tell though, no cold war rocket system didn't have lethal backblast or problems firing in enclosed spaces. Even today we've only improved on some aspects of it. Another question: To punctuate thread titles or not?
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