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Found 4 results

  1. AHOY Brand new player to Xenonauts but have played XCOM since Amiga and I am glad to meet this game's acquaintance - something about it just feels right. I'm half-way through intercepting UFO-02 and there's one item of feedback I wish to share immediately (whilst it's fresh - for either persuasion or information purposes). Within seconds of hitting the geoscape for the first time, one of my impressions were: Why the hell can't I zoom in further? For some reason, I wish to be able to. Badly enough to mention, it seems. Is this perhaps one of those very-easy done things - to address? It's arguably negligible to game-play, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you could zoom in further and watch your blips flyby quicker across the terrain. What kind of difficulties might be involved in adding further resolution to the geoscape? If there be a suggestion area move this there if you wish. I advocate the ability to use the scroll wheel to eventually zoom 'all the way' into your scape (at least to the point where you would struggle to pan across with clicking and dragging or cursor keys to keep up with even your slowest blips).
  2. Hi, While reading the Base Simplification thread, I had this idea for a building that would increase radar range by boosting the power available (which makes sense from a real world perspective), and it evolved into the Power Station. Power Stations would create power for boosting certain buildings performance. It would increase radar range, damage dealt by laser/plasma turrets (if they're in the game), and other things that would benefit from having much more power available. Even higher tier radar stations (I'm sure there will be some) could benefit from it, increasing range again. These power stations would require researching an alien power source, probably another research to learn how to make the building, and an amount of alenium per week to power it (I like the idea of it having a cost, it limits the use somewhat, and makes it more of a luxury, limited-deployment, specialty building, in a way). Since it would require spending alenium, it would have an option to turn it off if you wanted to conserve resources. It'd then sit there, useless, until you turned it back on, at which point your defenses and sensors would be boosted again. I'd say that it should have week cycles, that cost, say, two alenium per week (balancing would happen in beta) paid in full at the beginning of the week. So, if you wanted to turn it off, it would finish whatever cycle it was on (to avoid wasting alenium already spent) before it shut down. If you wanted to turn it on, it could take a few days to spool up before it starts eating alenium and producing power, so you'd have to plan ahead. The building would be 1x1 squares, and one power plant would provide the bonus to every applicable building on the base. (Having multiple power plants would, in theory, increase the boost even more, but that could get overpowered really quickly. Best play it safe.) I'd think that it would be more of a limited use building near the beginning of the game, but by end game you'd have so much alenium that you could have each base boosted by one of these all the time. (I don't know how much alenium one usually gets, as I've not played much, but based off of what I did UFO:EU it could work out that way.) Having this building would increase the choices the player can make early game. "Is it worth researching and building a power source, and then paying for it in alenium, to boost radar range, when you could build a base to cover that area instead (which can do so many more things than simply detect UFOs)? Do I want to spend alenium this month on powering it, or should I save it for a rainy day?" It would also reward players more for taking down UFOs and collecting alenium, and give them another way to spend it if they wanted. Thoughts?
  3. Firstly I just want to say how much I'm enjoying the current build - as a long time X-Com fan its nice to see this sort of thing done right! I do have a couple of questions however and I've been over the forums and couldn't see anything similar (if I've missed something or if this is the wrong place feel free to move the thread) #1 - In previous X-Com games the troop transport could carry extra supplies, like ammunition, grenades etc, which was left on the floor of the troop bay. Is/will this be possible? #2 - If I have a soldier crouched in front and a standing soldier one space behind, when I try to have the soldier standing directly behind fire he inevitably shoots the guy crouched in front, 100% of the time. This strikes me as a strange thing for elite troops to do especially when they are so close. #3 - Having started several games now I've found that, with north america in particular, even though I have my base in the region there are still events occurring outside of my radar range within that region (i.e. one base can't cover all of north america). Given that you can't extend your radar range without buying another base I've had a few games where I've shot down every UFO and completed every ground mission without loss, but still lost funding from the region my first base is in at the end of month. I found this more than a little frustrating, and while I could build a second base to give full coverage of the north american land mass that seems a bit wasteful (considering I'm meant to be defending the whole planet ). Is there a way to extend the total radar range, rather than just the detection %, without splashing out on an whole extra base? Cheers!
  4. I managed to shoot down a light scout at the extreme range of my chinook, which was slightly outside of radar range. I got a message about loss of contact (the grammar in that message is not great) once my Condor moved away, but I chose "go to last known position". When my chinook neared the end of it's 12 hour flight (hope those rotors were balanced well - a small vibe can be really wearing over such a long time) it detected the crashsite again: The game detected it as a landed UFO that was travelling at 1500 km/hr.
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