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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, not the first time I'm posting (I mentioned a couple bugs), but this is the first time I'm trying to sum up those annoying little things that bug me by interrupting an otherwise awesome experience. So please bear with me if I mention old stuff or frequently mentioned ideas. First things first though, after a little over 60 hours I am amazed by the work you have done so far, you are creating a truly great game that deserves far more praise than I will be giving here. Okay, small stuff that I kept wishing for: 1: Walking sideways/backwards Doesn't really need a lot of explanation, does it? I really like the riot shields, and I think there should be an option for a Xenonaut to keep the shield between the alien and his own body when moving (at the cost of more TUs, of course). 2: Turning off snapshots Again pretty simple: it should be possible to tell your guys to not shoot during the alien turn, even if they have TUs available. I have this huge pile of bodies in my base, all of them guys my own snipers shot in the back during an alien turn. (as I said, I like to keep my guys with riot shields between my snipers and the aliens, but if they get shot by my guys it kind of defeats the purpose). 3: Numbering your Xenonauts This is already possible by removing your guys from the dropship, and reassigning them in the order you want them to appear in during the ground mission, but a less annoying approach would be nice. I think this would work nicely in the window where you assign your xenonauts to their position in the dropship. (I know this is a little OCD on my part, but I like to move my shields first, and then my snipers, and for that i like my shields to be numbers 1 & 2 and my snipers to be 3 to 6 ) 4: Highspeed-setting for aircombat I think I've seen this mentioned before, but I'll say it real quick: there should be an option to speed up the aircombat, especially the initial phase and the running away. 5: Damage to UFOs should last Not sure if this one shouldn't be in the bug-section, but I will put it in anyway: if I hit a UFO with 2 missiles and then retreat my fighter the UFO should stay damaged for the next wave of interceptors. 6: A full-auto pistol Because what kind of wishlist would this be if I didn't have my own "please implement this weapon"-idea. I know it's most likely too late in the game to implement a new weapon, and adress all the balancing issues that come with it, but I would really like a one handed weapon with a burst fire mode. Suppressing enemies while advancing behind a riot shield sounds like a good idea to me 7: Customizable difficulty settings I would really like more options when chosing a difficulty setting for a new game. Personally I would love really tough and numerous aliens, and challenging ground combat while keeping mediocre difficulty settings for aircombat and funding. I think a little more emphasis on the thing you love most about the game will be the final stroke of perfection. Well, those are the few little things I kept stumbling upon while playing, thanks for creating this truly incredible game
  2. The actuall plane numbering on the aerial battle grid can lead to mistakes. Instead o: Condor 1 Whatever 1 Whatever 2 With 1 2 3 on the grid. I suggest Condor 1 Whatever 2 Whatever 3 and 1,2,3 on the grid. It will avoid confusion in the heat of battle. There s something that must be tweaked. Plane refuel. An undamaged plane refuel & rearm take 20 to 1 hour max. 9 hours to refuel ? Really ? manual pump ? Strech the repair of plane which is too short, repairs can take weeks, but shorten the refuelling. another point I was escorting a helicopter to the crashlanding when suddenly 1 UFO appeared and vectored an intercepting course. I tryed to vector the fighter but i could only send the whole group, so i sent everybody home, no need to risk my soldiers. Landing craft shouldn t be part of fighters as they have no weaponry. If you could tweak that.
  3. I want to define 1-2-3 for snipers, everything go fine as long as as noone get wounded or KIA, after that, numbers mixup, i attempted to reassing xenonauts to chinook, sort then inside list, adding one by one, still no success. First 3 soldiers added - basically fine, but they take numbers randomly, not in order i added them. Ok, fine, later i add other spec units and they take numbers already assigned to snipers, instead of 4-5-6 for no reason, readding, replacing switching and performing any other actions unable to fix situation (basically it make situation ever worse mixing numbers ever futher). Here is screen of squad setup, i added soldiers one by one: Here is screen with results: One of assault xenonauts took number 1 for no reason.
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