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Found 5 results

  1. Nutshell Idea: Add an unlockable flare-like item "electro-flare" that semi-replaces the flares used in night missions. Details: This new flare-like item "electro-flare" would: a) emit light in a significantly larger radius than normal flares b) last forever, as in, does not burn out c) be recoverable and reusable in the ground combat (throw it, walk on top of it, pick it up, throw it again) d) not be available by default in unlimited quantities during night missions This item would be unlocked after a certain research project (I'm thinking Alien Electronics, but I'm open to suggestions) and would thereafter be available in unlimited quantities in the soldier equip screen, under grenades. This item would not remove flares from the game; flares would still be available in unlimited quantities by default during night missions. Reasoning: The current flares are more useful for spamming; they are unlimited in quantity, they last a relatively short time (only a few turns, right? Correct me if I'm wrong), and they come by default any time you'd need them. They are always there and they are useful. However, we can do better than that once we have our hands on some alien technology, right? I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if we had a throwback to the original UFO:EU and added electro-flares like they had in that game? Of course they'd have to fit the balance, and not be somehow overpowered or "the thing to use" all the time; they're designed to basically replace flares, but with a cost, meaning that normal flares may end up being the best option. Here is a breakdown of the main differences, the "better" thing being in italics: Flares /vs/ electro-flares: The drawbacks would balance this out, making it less likely to completely replace the normal flare in every situation. Only if you wanted to use up space/weight could you get them. Plus, they'd be unlocked after an alien research project, so it's not like you didn't work to get them anyway. Also, with deadlier aliens appearing as the game goes on, a little help in the night combat through a better flare would be welcome, wouldn't it? Conclusion: I think this'd be a brilliant addition to the game; it would show that we (the Xenonauts, and all of humanity, really) are developing all areas of our technology, not only our offensive weapons, armor, and aircraft. We are even making our light sources better due to the alien technology. Plus, it'd be a direct throwback to the OG, which I'd appreciate, and I'm sure others would enjoy it as well. Ha, we could even use roughly the same electro-flare design (image wise) as the OG did (designed to look Xenonaut-y, of course). In fact, I'd recommend that. Anyway, thoughts? Would this be useful in/worth it to add to the game? Would you replace flares with electro-flares in every circumstance, and would this be a bad thing? EDIT: In case anyone cares to see what the original electro-flare was, here's the UFOpaedia page: http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Electro-flare
  2. It seems that on night missions aliens benefit from light sources and flares as much, as our own soldiers, which is good feature. Logically, it would be useful to know if someone is standing near thrown flare or some lamplight. But right now there is no way to distinguish natural light from fov light circle around your troops. So suggestion - some sort of ui toggle button to temporarily disable light around soldiers. Or as a variant toggle to not disable it completely but reduce its intensity or change its color to red or something else.
  3. So I've been playing for about 3 solid hours straight now, and everything is PERFECTION. However, I get into the night mission and realize that I have a little something called a flare. I throw one, and it kinda seems to cease to exist, as it doesn't land, and it's no longer in the inventory. So, I blindly throw another, and the game freezes on me. Alt tab out and find a memory dump error. I've read it's good to upload the memory dump file thingy, but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have any info on that, I'd appreciate it.
  4. Only two quick suggestions: First, darker. Much darker. I don't really feel claustrophobic, like the dark is hemming me in. I don't even care one bit about chemlights. I should. And along those lines, lamp posts. Little lit areas.
  5. Can we get a option to turn it off i always hated night combat in xcom
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