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Found 5 results

  1. Once this game will be finish, it will be a great single player experience. But imagine if you could play this game in coop with a friend ! I wonder if it would be difficult to either share 1 base or to have 2 base that each player own separately. Then you start conquering back the Earth. As I see it, once a player enter a combat screen ( Aircraft battle or ground combat ) the other player join to look at it or to participate. The host of the combat can share an amount of soldiers/planes he wants to, to the other player. Imagine how cool it would be to play with a friend and to discuss about how you should handle many hard situations. I am no coder or programmer but I am aware that this is no small suggestion. I just wanted to share it so maybe one day, it will be done.
  2. Ok, I know anything multiplayer is exceedingly unlikely to happen, but this sort of thing would make me giddy, so I thought I'd throw it out here anyways. It would probably make a good DLC. There could be a coop game mode kindof like DoW2's Last Stand - each player has their soldier (or perhaps 2 or 3). Before the game they're outfitted/stats are selected, and the players are bit against wave after wave of increasing strength. Continuity/progression on your characters would be nice, but I'm not sure how that would be balanced so that newer players aren't uselessly inferior. Or perhaps it could work such that the coop takes place on community created maps, which can have set objectives, or just the above wave spawning.
  3. [Forgive me if this discussion has already been brought up.] Not saying in the inital launch of the game, but a patch in which we "X-Com" /Xenonaut fanatics can challenge each other or work cooperatively would be a great achievement for the genre. The way i see it theres two ways to do it. One would be where 2 + players would work together to fight off the alien hordes invading the planet. Allowing the players to either share a drop team or use separate teams & bases to protect the world. Or... In which each "corperation" or entity would choose a starting location and compete for a nations support. For example. Lets say player A has his base setup in europe and player B has his base setup in southern africa and a crash site is created be either or in northern/central africa. The two players can both send a recovery team. On the actual battle map the players would both be competing against each other to recover the alien artifacts. Which would add the dimension of PvP should players choose to take it to that level. If player A needs the alien artifacts to continue funding his/her base and there projects, then that player may see it fit to fire upon the opposing force. Also I seen in various videos that you must hold an alien craft for 5 turns to complete the mission. This could also transition into this style of gameplay. Another aspect of this form of gameplay i thought of was invading another players base. Lets say a player took too many casualties in a previous mission and has maybe a small squad thats mission capable. Raiding another players HQ while they dust off there heli to a crash site for equipment or artifacts would be another way of earning money. Obviously the hardest thing to overcome would be how would you do multiple battles at once and how would the global clock transfer over into the ground combat. I've been trying to think of different ways to balance the game and actually make this idea plausible. What i do know is that the players allowed per "arena" could not surpass 4 for if you were to keep the mechanics of the game the same, it would create too much wait time during and in between missions. But I have thought of the time speed pertaining to the global clock, and each player could queue there desired speeds for the world to speed up for example if 3/4 players click x2 speed and one player click x3 then the speed would go x2 and so on. Its just an idea, working out the mechanics would in my opinion be the hardest thing to figure out but it is a feature that i would love to see created for this genre. I would defiantely dedicate countless hours if i could sit there and compete or even play on the same planet as another character. I would go as far as investing/donating a couple thousand to see this feature actually take place....what's everyone elses thoughts on the subject?
  4. my enlish suck so plz be nice i was thingking and an multiplayer mabye, cud make this game even moar awsome. mabye like one person is thealiens and some other is Xenonauts and the tow persons ore tow Xenonauts vs the aliens and the tow persons in frends so they can use skype ore somthing and when one person shot down an alien ship the can wait foe reinforsments frome the other guy. just my idea thx for reading and sorry for the enlish.
  5. Just joined and wondered if there was going to be any sort of multiplayer to this game. Me and my brother played the original and implemented our own version in which we took turns naming soldiers and during missions would only control and move the soldiers that were under our command. Made for interesting play especially when a favorite soldier got killed and he wanted to go back to a save and try mission again. Am wondering also if there is a program that allows remote access to someone else's computer screen that might allow us to coop the game in this fashion from different locations. I apologize in advance if these suggestions sound crazy:p
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