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Found 12 results

  1. hey , I finished my first mission on a new game , I got to the scoreboard and I got 0 on every single section at the top of the scoreboard I had a "Place Holder" Text no screenshot , didn't know I would need one
  2. Hi together, im am currently in a mission and one of the soldiers is not going to enter a room (2nd floor). Tried with other soldiers as well, no chance. Even reload doesn't work. A Screenshot can be found here -> http://goo.gl/4USSnH (dropbox) Please find an save-game-file here -> https://db.tt/5K5QaraP (dropbox) Greetz Axel
  3. I had a soldier killed in my first mission. The chinook is returning to base. I select the replacement soldier for the one killed on at the base. I then go to a new crash site without returning to base, and my new recruit is part of the team.
  4. Will there be any research topics or Xenopaedia entries that explain what the types of alien missions are. What they are actually looking to accomplish. For example:Scouting missions, research missions, terror missions, superiority missions etc Likewise, Xenopaedia entries for the types of craft that you have encountered. Just the sort of research you used to get if you interrogated navigators etc back in EU94. While, having played the original, I might know what the missions are and what ships do what, it would surely add to the fun and immersion of a new player?
  5. I'd like to see the UFO/mission number on the two mission debriefing screens. A date would also be good. For those who like to capture the mission screen, particularly after a few casualties, for posterity. Medal information already captures things like date, so could it be placed onto the end mission screen as well?
  6. Mission 1: It's night time and a number of the objects have that black outline that's been reported. It's a farm map with plenty of hedgerows. I fan my squad out. Unfortunately, all the black object seem to be permeable to plasma fire. Cue numerous injuries in turn three, followed by deaths in turn four. Reload. Mission 2: Still night time, but I'm a little more cautious in creeping around. But I have to move into the open spaces to get to the ship. That's when I discover that a fair number of the plasma bursts are coming straight through the ship. Cue numerous deaths. Reload. Mission 3: Again in darkness, my guys try to sit tight a bit more and find a better solution to suicidal assault through see through hedges. They creep around a bit more. Some random fire, gives me some injuries. That's when I discover that my medpack has been advanced, but the old ones I have have zero healing capability. Reload after the first soldier bleeds to death. Mission 4: Wait to day time, after I noticed that the object bug isn't so bad in the day missions. Unfortunately, it still seems to apply to the landing ship. Cue numerous deaths, even though I found a way round to the thing. Reload. Mission 5 The day time. Sneaking round the ship to avoid fire. Everyone in place. Smoke grenades in use. Give it an extra turn. Move forward. Aliens open up right through the smoke (and their own ship again) with multiple casualties. Bah! Reload. Mission 6 A different map this time in the day, moving from farm into middle east town. Walls not providing cover, and more shots through the ship result in casualties. I persevere, out of interest as it's a new mix of aliens. My third last guy is shot through the wall of the ship, my second is targeted crouched behind a wall, and shot anyway and the last is taken out by a teleporter right behind him. Reload. There are WWI generals who cringe at the loss of life in Xenonauts 8 guys doesn't feel like anywhere near enough for this one, but there would be a lot of casualties regardless. Once the buggies are gone, I'm going to get such a good feeling when I defeat these things.
  7. My first terror mission in October, in S America. There are black spaces where some of the buildings should be. It's not on all of the map, or even all the buildings, but on a few tiles. Possibly linked with 17.9 Desura version Ground texture problem, but it doesn't look the same, so posted it separately. No issues with units going outside the map or anything like that.
  8. I get a black screen before it reaches the briefing screen. I have previously saved the game and reloaded, so it may be connected to that. I haven;t renamed any of the troops, so I posted this apart form the other similar bug. It's happened with Scout and Corvette missions.
  9. This minor one was on previous builds, but since my search didn't find it I thought I'd bump it up. On selecting your starting base, going to close to a city (in my case Cairo) brings up an allocate aircraft screen, rather than an option to build a base there. Now it's possibly due to the use of cities for terror missions, but a mention of it could be made in any manual or FAQ as it's still a bit disconcerting when trying to place your first base.
  10. My troops were in Cairo, seeing the sights and being thumped by the aliens. In particular, I found that my standard 8 man load out was proving to be pretty ineffective in the two current build terror missions I had. For the third one, I changed things around and came home with only one wounded. My standard approach has been. x2 Shotguns. High resilience. x1 Machine gunners. x1 rocket launcher x3 Assault Rifles x1 Sniper (why not 2? no idea) I found that the large amounts of space with zero cover render short range weapons obsolete. So, the shotguns are now back up weapons and have been replaced with assault rifles. Likewise, lugging the rocket launcher around proves to be a chore and also accuracy seems to be an issue with it in my current squad. The machine gun accuracy seems less in this build, but it's pretty good for suppression. Jackal armour is now standard. On some UFO missions, I'll let the heavy support weapons go around in basic, just to be able to get the movement. But the terror missions are pretty lethal. Pistols remain useless (until assault shields?) The poor Hunter does what it can as a scout/suppressor before being invariably being taken out. So, I now have x2 Snipers x2 Machine Guns x4 Assault Rifles and they all have their place, which is something I find more in this game than it's predecessors. So, what does everyone else do in terror missions?
  11. The thread about naval missions made me think.. Modern naval forces could do precision strikes too, but even if the game wasn't set in the cold war era combining the two would be a huge hassle. However - Oil rig missions would be really awesome! (thanks to aliencrush for the basic idea) We already have those small "Oil Rig strafed" notices anyway, why not make it a part of the game? It would be the same type of mission as the regular ones, just a different terrain and different gains. I also assume the largest UFOs couldn't fit themselves on an oil rig, that could be another factor. Obviously you'd get a large bonus for defending it without losing civilian workers or destroying equipment, however destroying equipment or losing civ workers would make an equally big dent in your mission reward. It's also a fitting idea otherwise - Jets need fuel too! It would also be a huge change from the usual maps and areas and since most oil rigs are within rather small areas not smack in the middle of the ocean it would be both easy-ish to get to and another strategical decision when placing your bases. "Do I go for the population centre or do I secure our oil/fuel income?" Besides, if I was an alien getting shot down by stone-age jets I'd be so upset I'd blow up any oil sources I could find just out of spite Heck, you could add oil refinery missions too eventually.. We have infinite fuel as is and it should be that way too, but refueling costs money doesn't it? It should, anyway After the aliens get mean, what's stopping us from researching "naval defense batteries" or something along those line to be automatically placed on all oil rigs? This could reduce the chance of aliens going for oil and reduce the amount of aliens that arrive there alive - also giving a small chance of the alien ship crash-landing on the oil rig The opportunities are endless! Also would be nice to know how easily this could be added to the game or if it's ridiculously hard.. I assume it'd be mainly adding another map with or without an UFO in it and adding another target to the UFO attack list and some effects in the budget and refueling costs, am I wrong? TL;DR: -Oil rig missions would be awesome and new and cool -Oil refinery missions could be a long-term goal for development -These could both influence your income and the cost and/or speed of refueling -The addition of oil is logical -It adds to the game without taking anything away -New aspects added to the strategic side of the game (base placement, priorities) Ideas? Credit of the "Oil rigs?" idea goes to Aliencrush, I just refined it and made it into a thread and told you why it would be amazing.
  12. While it hasn't exactly been confirmed, yet, there have been some educated guesses on how the game will end. Possible SPOILERS ahead! OMGZ! Well I was mostly just waxing philosophical, these kind of things don't have to be and even work better if they are subtle. (something that Ayn Rand *shudder* and bioshock are not) And you are probably correct that the deeper elements of my musings are in fact ourt of the scope of this project. but let me try and explain a little better. scenario 1: Traditional ending open play until the "final fight" you go squash the foe at his home. This is satisfying at plays on the themes of the underdog made good, vengeance for wrongs, human superiority. Nothing wrong with this and the traditional approach, but it does stray firmly into a black and white arena in regards to the conflict. Scenario 2: A more Civilization-esque multiple "victory condition" type end game. You could implement multiple game ends up to and including an Alien victory. But the key elements hear would be things like maintaining relationships with world governments and working towards specific goals occasionally at the expense of others. tactical choice would be key here, Combat ability vs. Diplomacy, striking at aliens vs. aggressive defensive operations, etc... this would be probably largely out of the scope of this project but could be a very interesting game and the themes invoked would be more dependant on the players path than anythign else. Scenario 3: A "best we can do scenario" with essentially a counting clock (being a known or unknown) time period and the goal being saving as much as you can before"time is up". This would be a scenario where-in the aliens being vastly more advanced/powerful/numerous the best hope is to limit damage rather than even be able to truly "strike at them". This would be able to be managed with the same game mechanics in place but the tone is drastically shifted away "kill the aliens" to "Stay alive". It's the difference between the Action genre and the horror genre. With this endgame Terror sites become things to truly fear because they are actively harming your diplomacy which would be your first priority in trying to keep humanity together and alive. This is what i was talking about the above being only 3 of many possibilities but your could see how themes and in fact game play and strategies would be effect by which particular endgame is in place. The themes evoked by a game only serve to create an immersion and make things interesting. But really anything done well is worth checking out. I'm writing in bullet time.
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